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October 6, 2014


Filed under: outdoors, people, RANDOM, Remembering, scenes, selfies, sports, YOUR PHOTOS — photostaken @ 08:00


brian g2

Race friend Brian doing his thing of making and training riders to be good and most of all have fun on two wheels

steve m

My dual sport friend Steve before he gets a civilized hair cut

cynthia v

Coworker Cynthia’s horse trying on his costume

cluadia v

Coworker Claudia and her two guys

rob s

Dual sport friend Robert and daughter lifting weights together

laura c

Race mom Laura and her pups

don a

Moto guru Don on his way to the Lost Coast ride this weekend

henry r

Coworker Henry before his interview, hire this guy


Claudia’s boy doing his Iron Man on a tricycle

polka dots mc

Polka Dots MC out in force last weekend in the Nevada dcz, enjoying some perfect loamy dirt

crystal r

Coworker Crystal out for a walk with the kids

robert s

Roberts girl becoming a coffee connoisseur

sharon m

Hot shot racer Sharon out for a nice dream ride


Cynthia’s birds Ben and Franklin looking mighty tasty

steven g

Fast guy Steven out last weekend doing some Maloney training

bill c

Race and dual sport friend Bill out for a flight

brain g

When you train with Brian this might happen but it will only make you faster and better


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