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September 29, 2014


Filed under: outdoors, people, RANDOM, Remembering, road trip, scenes, sports, YOUR PHOTOS — photostaken @ 08:00


brian r

From long time moto friend Brian Lake Tahoe getting ready for some rain

sheron m

Moto hotshot Sharon gets a pic of her hotshot sis Heather

crystal r

Coworker Crystal’s girls watching Frozen for the 1059 time, it end the same girls every time it ends the same

charlie 2

Racer dad Charlie and his son Jeremy enjoy a perfect weekend in Nevada

kelly k

Dual sport and moto friend Kelley putting in a new piston for his two stroke lover

ingrid n

Long time friend Ingrid taking a look at her barracks for the next few days

craig t

Racer friend Craig’s bike resting peacefully in Nevada

dennie c

Racer friend Dennie ready to tee off


Charlie and Jeremy heading to Nevada, why Charlie drives when he’s got a perfectly good teenager to do it for him I’ll never know.

eng k

Coworker Eng showcasing one of her cucumber drinks


Coworker Claudia cheating on her work Chief, how could you

miguel a

Dual sport and race friend Miguel finds snow in Truckee

lawrence b

Dual sport friend Lawrence does some rear brake mods on his KTM no more loosing the brakes again, he hopes

bryce s

Nephew Bryce, don’t get it and why a pink crayon, why

tyler s

Nephew Tyler and his blue sky

bryan r

Peddle friend Bryan enjoying a overly groomed single track


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