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August 19, 2014



1 (2)

Auntie Darlene giving our nephew Tyler some last minute instructions for his first dual sport ride. I thought it would take most of the day for young Ty to get use to the bike but after lunch this kid was on my tail pipe all day

ty s

Nephew Tyler getting ready for his first dual sport ride


RUTS girl Elizabeth snaps a shot of me and my bride at 9000 feet elevation

ty b

Race friend Ty of the Baker clan doing some moto last week


My pic of this rider cresting about 9000 elevation, those hills across lead to lake Tahoe

robert s2

Dual Sport friend Robert hanging out at the Pink House in Genoa Nevada

matt b

Dual sport friend Matt from central Cal getting a pic of one of many flats that occurred on the High Sierra dual sport ride over the weekend

colleen k

Nevada neighbor Colleen grabbing this shot of her Jim hauling pine needles

polka dots

Awesome racing club Polka Dots MC getting in some moto over the weekend

crystal r

Coworker Crystal snaps this pic of some yummy sugar last week

elizabeth l

Elizabeth and Doug hanging out in some high elevation

michelle c

Coworker Michelle’s girl ready for 1st grade, nice boots

nicole h

Old riding friend Nicole’s cat enjoying life


Elizabeth gets this pic of what appears to be a young bear looking for some free food


Doug gets a flat does a nice job to fix it only to have maybe pinched the tube, he claims the new tube already had a whole in it

cindy w

Moto diva race grand mom Cindy and family out doing some trail riding

mt sumrall

Sis N Law Tami get young Bryce to pose for his first day of school

crystal r2

Versteeg, Chandler and Richter, yep I work with these hot momma’s

robert s

Robert loves his water

colin b

RUTS CC friend Colin (middle) with son Matt and friend Bruce in Tahoe at the halfway point of day one on the High Sierra


Doug putting on his roll chart I made, it’s about 4 feet long and takes 2 hours to load

polka dots2

The Polka Dots are all about family


About 20 miles into the High Sierra we found this, the rider was okay but his BMW was totaled

sharon m2

Hot shot race friend Sharon getting a selfie over the weekend of riding

sharon m

Sharon’s foot after a weekend of riding


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