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July 29, 2014


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camron d

Dual sport friend Cameron out at 5 AM getting a short 50 mile in and then it’s off to work nice

steven g

Double A racing friend Steven trying to beat the heat at E Street over the weekend kids don’t tray this at home he’s a professional

dennie c

Race friend a constant golfer Dennie plays gold so hard he bleeds though his gloves

crystal r

Coworker Crystal littlest taking a gander at their pet fake frog, if she can keep this on alive for the week she get pet rock to grow

lori s

Coworker Lori out Kayaking and getting photobombed

gwen c

Nice snap by moto diva Gwen of her racing family


Super RN and coworker Elizabeth hanging out at the state fair

greg w

Dual sport friend Greg trying out these sweet beach mountain bikes

claudia v

Coworker Claudia slowing going country with her new 4×4, she’s going to have to leave the city if she keeps this up

lochlan c

Youth Race ace Lochlan heading to E Street over the weekend

debbie g

Race mom Debbie wont tell us what happened to her son but I’m guessing it was not a smart thing, I’m putting money down a Chupacabra scratched his eyes

nicole h

Old riding friend Nicole’s pup pretty relaxed right now

rich p

Race friend and dad Rich on a family vaca in sunny San Diego over the weekend

charlie c

Race friend and dad Charlie letting his pit hang out in the water, my pit does not much care of the wet so it’s nice to see such a relaxed pup

bryan r

Chain and cog friend Bryan out for a ride over the weekend, I use to do that but I’m scared now I need big front forks and a big shock in the rear for my taste


Hot shot racer Brianna and friend shopping at Target and this happened

ty sumrall

My nephew Ty posted this pic of him railing his 125 can you guess where this is at, hint it near a bar


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