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June 18, 2014


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d conrad

Dennie fellow riding friend out golfing last week gets a sign of things to come

v souza

Pro Moto Diva Vickie way in the back getting out of hand at last weeks throw your Catholic father to heaven conference

j grandy

Old Foresthill friend Julie and her boy hanging out in some big trees last week

g bates

Dual sport and race friend Greg snaps this pic of fellow dual sporters John and Robert at last weeks Black Rock ride. Believe it or not this lush green patch is in the Nevada desert

r baker

Race dad and friend Rob gets this pic of the D36 boys earning some trophies at this years Funky Chicken in Oregon

k anderson

Hot shot friend Katie being a good girl and washing her air filter with gloves, although most of us was our filters days before the race Katie feels it adds to the ambiance of the racing experience to wait to the last minute to get the bike fully prepped.

robert sinex

Dual sport fiend out on a ledge at 7000 feet elevation in the great state of Nevada at the Black Rock ride last week

e winters

Hot shot Emily of the great state of Oregon ditches the dirt bikes for some underwater time

r morales

Coworker Rene snaps this pic of his girls at the library, no kindle or tablets here Rene’s believes they need to learn old school

m parker

Race youth friend Max post this pic of him flying at the Funky Chicken last week

tm sumrall

Road trip time, momma Tami sis N law taking the boys on a multi state road trip

j fox

FB friend and favorite Amy man Jason and his girl pose at this Hawaiian Mexican restaurant, wait that doesn’t sound right

c. coiner

Race dad and friend Charlie gets this pic of his two girls

tm sumrall2

Tami snaps this pic of the boys dragging themselves of the Bonneville salt flat

d conrad2

More nature shots from Dennie and to think one only needs to take up golfing to see the wild

v souza2

Vickie visiting the Burger barn again, she claims since their going to go there for lunch hey why not just drive to Oregon to race

b craig

Race and dual sport friend Bill gets this nice trophy for hauling up over 1000 miles from Brownifornia and maybe because he’s was the fastest 70+ man there too.


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