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June 11, 2014



a popik

Race friend Adam with his wive Cindy and grandson doing some summer riding

y slattery

CC RUTS friend Yolanda out on a hike with family

m chandler2

Coworker Michelle wakes up in Tahoe to this

b jones

Moto friend Brad’s has his temp at fav 1 I’m guessing his favorite temperature is 106

v souza

Moto diva friend Vickie hanging out with some cowboys and Indians

r. baker2

Race friend and dad Rob passed out on the couch as everyone does a selfie, could be worse they could have shaved him

db worly

Pro moto diva of Oregon Debbie getting a pic of her girl enjoys a nice summer day

t sumrall

My gps took me 413 miles through two states of lush desert, here I finish at the toilet in Gerlach Nevada

j grandy

Old Foresthill friend Julie more north of us only has 104 so little colder in NorCal

m chandler

Michelle’s by ready for more chocolate

s mowell

Hot shot racing friend Sharon posing with sis Heather and racer Rylee at the flat track last week

s rhodes

Race friend and race dad Sean enjoying a weekend by the pool

r. baker

Rob points out one of Oregon’s tornado’s, bit smaller than the ones we have in Nor Cal and those are a bit smaller than the ones in Oklahoma

r morales

Coworker Rene finds this cool purple crab in Santa Cruz probably the endangered so Rene will be in prison soon for touching the central coast Barbra Boxer purple crab the green crabs are the Jerry Brown endangered crabs

c. coiner

Race friend and race dad Charlie gets this pic at the 6 hour Hollister race, sombody blew out a moose

s mowell2

Sharon hanging out last week at the flat track

l coiner

Charlie get a pic of the boy, Jeremy, Jake and Ty ready to race

ty sumrall2

My nephew Ty getting some great pics at last weeks Hangtown MX race

vickie souza

Vickie enjoying the cold days on the coast

d conrad

Race friend Dennie snaps this shot of the birds on the golf links

b craig

Bill and Sean traveling together from last weeks Idaho race when they get a tire blow out. With no cell phone reception Sean gets on Bills bike b craig2

Off goes Sean for help, I noticed he used Bill’s bike that had Bill’s name on the front just in case the Oregon patrol stops him they’ll think it’s Bill who’s riding illegally on the road smart move by Sean

ty sumrall

Another great shot by Ty at Hangtown


Hot shot friend Emily of Oregon pic of the fire heading to the town


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