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May 28, 2014


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c kennedy

My Nevada neighbor Colleen snaps a pic of her Hunter dog and the two scalliwag weenie dogs ready for a ride

s elworthy

Moto Diva Sheila with her fellow Moto diva’s last week for a nice spring dual sport ride

l soligan

Coworker Lori and her girl finally graduate

e lampman

Pro moto Diva Elizabeth getting ready for a weekend of camping and racing, here with her full time mechanic Doug

lauri kennedy

Nevada friend and neighbor Lorie try on some new hello kitty sunglasses

e swick

Oregon friend and artist Emily showing off her new art collection

K jessup

Coworker Katherine’s nephew very happy about his banana

e winters

Oregon friend and Emily #2 tries on her new Emig grips

rob sinex2

Dual sport friend Rob takes a picture of his wife and girl, this is actually a small log he has a tiny wife, JKing

rob sinex

Robs small wife trying out for the hula hoop olympics

d small

Nevada friend Deena trying out her new friend

c weathrmon

Moto diva Cindy’s grandgirl trying on new new joker look

s godman

Double A friend Steven doing some air last weekend getting ready for racing

s rhodes

Race friend and race dad Sean putting in some practice time with his girl Bailey, she’s so fast rainbows shoot from her bike


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