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May 14, 2014


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a carpineta

Race friend and dad captures this family photo of his moto wife and son riding

rob sinex

Dual sport friend Rob snaps this photo of his wife carrying over 50 lbs of picnic gear while Rob hauls their 20 lb baby girl seems fair to me

e lampman

Moto diva Elizabeth and her personal mechanic Doug out riding at GTown over the weekend

c dhien2

Dual sport and riding friend Cameron gets this shot of his friend ready to eat it on Foresthill’s loop 6

l. coiner

Moto diva Laura snaps this pic of the pups napping, some day little pup will get to sleep on the couch but it has to be earned

h. mowell2

Moto hotshot Heather’s pop leaves some snacks for her before she heads out for the day, what a great dad

d burkhart

Moto diva and So Cal friend Dana loving it in New Orleans this week

e winters

Hotshot Emily doing her civic duty and voting this week, remember only you can make a difference. Vote and throw the bastard crooks out they need to know who’s country this is.

c richterCoworker Crystal getting ready for a nice bike ride with her girls


h. mowell

Heather snaps this shot of her sis giving some helping hands in making this young rider #311 one fast lady

c richter2

Crystal and the family out on the boat everyone doing what they love, eating and fishing

m chandler2

Coworker Michelle’s man doing what every good man does double duty as he pitches and baby sits. Those two in the back need some motivation but what can you say it’s baseball the slowest sport ever when the game was over everyone aged 3 years

m chandler

Michelle gets this pic of two angry bears fight over a sandwich or it’s Lori and Cindy sharing bread

c dhien

This is how you do it in Nevada if it’s cold outside at least Cameron does it this way

bryce sumrall

Nephew Bryce gets some air at Mammoth on his 85, bought this bike for his brother and bam all of a sudden both kids are too tall for their bikes so little brother is now on the 85

s burnett

So Cal brother Scott is forced to lease this environmental friendly commie car so his beloved friends just accentuated it for him

ty baker

Race friend Ty feeling good two weeks ago when he took this pic, shortly after this his race and later his stomach took a bad turn.


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