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April 30, 2014


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a. carpineta

Race friend/dad Adam gets this pic of a very gloomy Virginia City last Friday

l. coiner2

Moto diva Laura waking up last Friday to a chilly Virginia City as well


Race friend/dad Charlie snaps this photo of down town VC as the snow starts to fall


Laura and the girls taking the pup out for a walk and we now have sideways snow

b. goodno2

Hot shot Brianna here with Charlie settling in for a long day at the races

sean r2

Race friend/Dad Sean wakes up to this Saturday morning

sean r3

Bit blurry but Sean signs his name in VC snow

b. garrahan

Double A race friend Brian (thumps up) poses with race winner Justin, Brian the guru of moto teaching took 5th overall not bad for a old dog that once overall’d the race on a CR125 back in the day

s. goodman

Race friend and neighbor Steven took 2nd overall on a borrowed Campbellbrothers Racing Honda

h. mowell

Hot shot Heather took a break from racing this weekend and helped teach the young ladies how to be better riders

c versteeg

Coworker Cindy’s girl has her chicken in hand

r. baker2

Race dad/racer Rob posing with his son Jake at the start of Sundays race

r. baker

Rob gettting a photo of some snow bunnies

d. nevis

FB race friend Devin gets a shot of Saturday’s race winners


Polka Dots MC snapping this shot of Jake on the line

c. coiner

Last week Charlie takes his boy to have his ankle cast, doesn’t stop him from racing

r morales

Coworker Rene doing Mr. mom duties over the weekend

l. coiner

Laura’s pups finally coming to a agreement about each other

r. sinex

Dual Sport friend Robert getting his bike all ready for the Fools Gold Enduro, make sure you take those forks to Nor Cal

r. parker

Race friend/dad Rich’s boy Max winning his class on Saturday’s race

becca arteaga

My coworker night shift girls getting in some exercise before their shift starts

b garrahan

Brian gets this awesome shot early morning Saturday before the start, nice dusting of snow to slow the dust down

sean r.

Sean putting the final touches on his vintage steed, he promised this was the only view the other vintage races would see and he was right 1st overall Bomber class

b goodno

Brianna and Tracy doing some selfies

v. souza

Pro moto Diva Vickie and son out for some practice riding, I need to do that too

sean r4

Top three vintage or Bomber riders, Sean, Jake and Max all District 36 racers


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