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April 1, 2014



dana burkhart2

Moto diva’ Dana’s pup Kitty very happy after a hamburger she finds

dana burkhart

Kitty now sad since daddy Adam yelled at her for eating his hamburger

vickie souza

Super moto diva Vickie has the family out yesterday for the Old Crow hare scrambles, everyone loves hanging in the pits

h mowell2

Hot shot Heather gets this pic of her sis Sharon before the race

dennie conrad

Race friend Dennie introducing a new line of golf balls

sheila elworthy

Moto Diva Sheila gets this pic of Kale styling it at last weeks race

g. bates

Race and club friend Greg snaps this rainbow after last weeks rain.


Heather posing with family at the start of last weeks Oasis race

michelle c

It’s official my coworker Michelle has a normal girl as she snaps this photo of her Bailey playing in the dirt

lynn g2

Long time Foresthill friend Lynn’s boy not so happy about the sludge all over his face

sabrina weathermon

Race mom Sabrina grabs this shot of two wicked fast racers from Saturdays race

katie swick

Oregon riding mom Katie not only has a fun family she has a photobomb husband and now her life is complete

dee jay

MX diva Dee getting this shot of Ben’s 3rd place at last weeks MX

lynn gullion

Lynn scoping out some treats to purchase for that all day sugar high

greg bates

Greg gets a selfie on his plane, somewhat worried the person next to him might be a shoe or underwear bomber

robin hoegerman

Dual Sport and race friend Robin gets a pic of my love and my dad before the rain hits on Saturday

tim s2

My pic of when things go wrong, Robin #280 on the right gets slammed by the Honda’s tail

erin kane

Lodi friend Erin snaps some shots of her JD and GQ Tim doing some trick riding last week

curt crandle

FB race friend Curt posing at a redneck party last week.

bill craig

Race friend Bill gets this photo and please let this be true please

tim s

As the rain starts good friend Doug raises the umbrella for Darlene on Saturday


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