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February 26, 2014


Filed under: outdoors, people, RANDOM, scenes, sports, YOUR PHOTOS — photostaken @ 10:55


adam carpinetaRace friend Adam snaps a good shot of his boys on the line last Saturday

 sharon mowell3

 Hot shot moto girl Sharon post this pic of the overall womens results thus far, the Mowell girls are the ones to beat

 laura coiner

Moto Diva Laura gets this great shot of Sean making this text book turn on his vintage Suzook last week

 brian garrahan

 Double A race guru Brian gets this great shot of his boy ready to race

 robert sinex

 Dual sport friend Robert is a proud dad finding out his little girl has the same taste of cars as he does

 michelle chandler

 Coworker Michelle and her girl ready for girl scout cookie month

 dee jay

 MX diva Dee on her 450 making some earth move last week

 nicole holland

 Bishop friend Nicole’s cat just waiting for her to set the dial for spin mode

 garette cameron

Young gun Garrett getting through the enduro cross section last week

 julie grandy

 Foresthill friend Julie’s son will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy soon

 laura coiner2

 Laura gets a pic of Elizabeth pondering I think

 rob baker

 Race dad Rob getting his vintage surplus tank ready for the races this weekend

 matt bylund

 Moto friend Matt snaps this pic of his lunch and lunch date of the day

 ingrid nash

 Foresthill friend Ingrid hanging out with the presidents on presidents day, back when presidents didn’t tell lies and if you lied they”ed stab you with their swords

 cindy versteeg

 Coworker Cindy and her idea of cage free chickens, her guard dog in the back watching their every move

 raymond kirchner

 Race dad Raymond posing for a father and son race pic

 crystal richter

 Coworker Crystal and her posse watching TV, the chihuahua lost some weight I see

 sharon mowell2

 Sharon getting this pretty pic of the lake

 sharon mowell

 Sharon gets this pic of her sis and dad on the line ready for some racing

 adam pontious2

 Adam forced to go shoe shopping for his pup kitty

 adam pontious

 This outfit was the final decision, not sure kitty is really into it

 sheila elworthy

 Moto diva Sheila snaps this pic of race ace Steven  on his temporary ride 59X supplied by Campbell racing

 will emerson

 Old school mate and Foresthill friend Will finds one of these babies in the house last week, a carpet bomb strike was called in shortly there after


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