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February 18, 2014


Filed under: outdoors, people, RANDOM, Remembering, road trip, scenes, sports, YOUR PHOTOS — photostaken @ 08:00


allsion williamsNice pic from my coworker Allison of our lazy hazy night shift down time, Becca here showing off what these chairs can do

 sharon mowell

 Hot shot Sharon shares a ski pic with us

 dee jay

 MX moto diva Dee showing off her well earned jacket

 brenda mcfarland

 North bay friend Brenda’s girl on crutches for awhile, defective trampoline is to blame

 michelle chandler2

 Coworker Michelle of the north little girl already for Valentines day

 matt bylund

 Moto friend Matt loading up for Pismo weekend

 matt bylund3

 Matt gets a ticket for some stupid reason and oh ya his clutch went out on the KTM , deep dunes and 280cc’s don’t always mix

 matt bylund2

Matt being towed home after a weekend at Pismo, the rear end of the Mattmobile went out

 bryan rails

 Two wheels and peddles friend Bryan out for a nice brisk ride

 emily winters

 Hot Shot Emiley of the Winters clan with some new graphics for her ride

 cindy versteeg

 Coworker Cindy’s girl gets her first egg, then mom scrambled it

 crystal ricter

 Coworker Crystal’s new ride, orange would have been better color but ya gotta do what you gotta do

 crystal richter2

 Crystal’s family out for some ice skating

 michelle chandler

 Michelle of the north making her girl make a card for everyone in class even that icky boy who sits next to  her

 erin kane

 Lodi friend Erin gets a nice Valentines gift

 brian garrahan

 Double A and moto guru Brian’s boy getting some air while practicing

 brenda mcfarland2

 Brenda’s new love shades

 nicole holland

 Nicole of  Bishop’s cat enjoying he new decorations

 biran garrahan

 Throwback shot of Brian at Hollister Hare Scrambles last year, kind of muddy.

 raymond kirchner

 Moto dad Raymond’s motorhome gets a double blowout so family gets out the yahtzee and waits for help

 sharon mowell2

Sharon talking to her competitors before the start of this weeks race

 bill craig

 Old man race ace Bill gets this pic of last weeks rain as it floods his race track, I’m feeling a day at the Craigs Ranch coming on strong

 tim sumrall

 Lazy weekend as Chief Red Cloud takes a pow wow on my couch


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