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February 12, 2014


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debbie worlyMoto diva Oregon friend Debbie get’s her first big snow storm this year, from what I gather nobody from the great state of Oregon liked this storm

 sharon mowell

 Moto hot shot friend Sharon out on a ride of the four legged persuasion

 laura coiner

 Moto diva friend Laura gets a shot of their new swimming pool “Jeremy’s truck bed” it was said after the rain stopped the family will be having 10 meter freestyle race and a short kayaking race followed by poolside BBQ to end the competition events.

 emily winters

 Moto hot shot from Oregon Emily’s birthday get these nice cup cakes

 robert sinex

 Dual sport friend Robert cant stand to throw these moldy old shoes away, he’s pleading everyone on FB to send in a comment to help save his Vans

 julie grandy

 My old Foresthill friend Julie has Bob Costas disease, Matt Lauer will now have to fill in for her too.

 laura coiner3

 The rain has almost stopped, the athletes are warming up

 jake baker

 Race ace Jake shows us a site us moto folks hate to see, top end totally chewed, on the bright side his gas oil mixture is spot on

 laura coiner2

Laura’s pup just relaxing by the fire waiting the storm out

 katie swick

 Moto diva #2 Katie from Oregon giving her pup a tasted of the snow life.

 lawrence borgens

 Dual Sport friend Lawrence’s son gets this blue truck stuck and Lawrence to the rescue

 raymond kirtchner

 Race dad friend Bob making sure his son’s bike has no water issues with new braided water hoses, very pretty

 henry romaldo

 Coworker Henry turns 25 and gets a honey boo treat from his fellow workers

 emily swick

 Hot shot Emily from suburbia Portland loosing her mind and riding this rokon in the snow, I guess her mom and dad are punishing her for something I feel bad really bad for her but she rode it like a champ I’m told

 seve minniear

 Moto friend Steve once swore off dual sporting said he had to do noting but trail riding and then one day last week the lights in his brain came back on and he bought this baby blue. Welcome back Steve

 elizabeth gabril

 My top notch RN friend on the left Elizabeth going back to the days of the bottle and sippy cups

 sabrina weathermon

 Moto mom Sabrina and her two girls getting in some two wheel practice for upcoming racing

 cluadia vallery

 Coworker Claudia gets her first pair of Moammar Gadhafi’s in the mail, she now is licensed to be a dictator

 tyler baileyRace man Tyler Ray trying to survive the flue, doing good so far


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