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February 4, 2014


Filed under: outdoors, people, RANDOM, road trip, scenes, sports, vintage, YOUR PHOTOS — photostaken @ 08:00


claudia vallery My coworker Claudia and her son doing “here’s looking at you kid”

 rob baker2

 Race dad Rob drives to Virginia City to mail in his grand prix entries, I remember those days some good times and bad numbers.

 jane conrad2

 Moto diva Jane gets a new club for her birthday while the pups look in “food we want food”

 crystal richter

Coworker Crystal’s girl offering us a flower but not in a hippie way

 matt bylund

 Dual Sport friend Matt’s truck brakes it’s leg

 elizabeth lampman

 RUTS gas Elizabeth and my dad out for a moto swap, Elizabeth trying to find the right bike for herself so why not ride everyone’s bike to do so, I would

 ingred nash

 Old Foresthill friend Ingrid’s super bowl diabetic coma challenge, and yes Ingrid is a diabetic. Once your in the coma your loved one can read the daily bread to comfort your sugary soul

 john francis

 Hiking friend John on another hike, this time he walks in on the Blair Witch cabin

 julie grandy

 Foresthill friend Julie gives us another great shot of the Nor Cal coast

 jeff jones

 Cousin Jeff of the great state of Louisiana gets some ice, poor Jojo the dog footies got cold

 jane conrad

 Another gift Jane gets for her birthday, every coffee made for the Keurig known to man

 max parker

Race friend Max ready to race this weekend, has an air filter for every lap need be

 lawrence borgens

 Dual Sport friend Lawrence out making the kids repel, getting those kids ready for anything

 crystal richter2

 Crystals girl is ready to play princess or ready to try out for the globe trotters back in 1980

 rob baker

 Rob heading over the pass, it’s cold out there

 claudia vallery3

 Wanted four dangerous women, upper left known as “Red” buys and sells dogs like crazy, upper right known by the name “Lortab” can go crazy if sugar is not added to her daily diet, lower right known as “Arrest this ball” can injure a human with her pinkie and to the lower right the ring leader of this motley crew the Mexican Lucy”, known to throw Hispanic obscenities in every direction. Do not approach alone especially if your a man.

 claudia vallery2

 Fellow RT Kim trying on her new 80’s look, I like

 rob baker3

 Rob gets a pic of race ace Jeremy on this nice 450, not sure where his dad stole this one but nice

 sarah mcnair

 My southern kin Sarah gets some nice snow while I bake in the 80 degree sunshine, there is no justice in this world

 bill craig

 A little throwback moment of old man race ace Bill at the Virginia City Grand Prix sporting number 21, most riders would steal to have that number.

 cindy weathermon

 Moto diva Cindy and her ballerina pup


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