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January 29, 2014


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brian garrahanDouble A and racing guru Brian’s latest class, want to be the best off road moto then give Brian a call

 tami sumrall2

 Sis N Law Tami takes three teenagers to a Buffet


 This was posted afterwards

 julie grandy

 Here longtime Foresthill friend Julie relaxing the the winter spring time weather, little fall leaves to throw in the mix

 claudia vallery

 Coworker Cluadia has her boy in our new calming beds we use at work to calm crazy people down, didn’t work on him doesn’t work on our patients either


 nicole holland

 My Nicole of Bishop’s kitty enjoying the new Valentines decorations for the month of February

 lawerence obrgens

 Dual sport friend Lawrence and his kids out at the bay last week

 emily winters

Hot shot Emily of the great state of Oregon down here in Brownifornia doing some moto for kicks, her’s is the Orange bike the correct color for racing

 michelle chandler

 Coworker Michelle’s boy getting in to his lunch or mom just threw it on him or both

 dennie conrad

Race friend Dennie showing off this wonderful winter weather we are having

 kirsten vega

 Favorite RN Kirsten and her girl doing some mug shots

 laura coiner

 Moto Diva mom Laura getting in a road trip tri-selfie

 michelle chandler2

 More food mom

 mary smith

 Top notch ED RN Mary getting in some sniper practice last week

 jeff jones

 Cousin Jeff of the great state of Louisiana finally gets some slush, like us Californians Louisiana was not participating in winter so far

 charlie coiner

 Race dad and good guy Charlie’s baby giraffe AKA Jeremy sporting his ranked number for the 2014 youth AA series. AA is what we call the cream of the crop or best of the best


Hot shot Sharon doing some moto laps, practice practice and more practice

 coleen kennedy

My soon to be Nevada neighbors Colleen snapping this shot of the Pine Nut mountians were in the spring and summer we ride to the top

 sharon mowell

From left to right hot shot Sharon, double A Steven and hot shot sister Heather sport their spoils of victory from last weeks Prairie City Grand Prix

tami sumrallTami gets a shot of my nephew squirting past my brother height wise, they are the spitting image of each other in every way

 brianna goodno

 Hot shot Brianna (left) and Kyleigh go one and two at last weeks race, I suspect these two will be repeat offenders of this type of racing

 tim sumrall

 My pic of Heather doing her pre race warm up

 vickie souza

 Pro moto diva Vickie’s boys talking post race results, didn’t go as planned but everything ended up okay just can’t remember if he was in second or third when the ground came up and smacked his head

 anson maloney

 Double A rider Anson and his newly fixed hand

 anson maloney2

 Crap, my two double A race friends out on injury for awhile, they didn’t get hurt at this last race but if Steven could just barrow Anson’s left leg he could finish out the spring season or vice versa


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