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January 22, 2014


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adam popikMy Vintage racing friend Adam driving home with his fast grandson, nap time before the big race

 steven godman

 Double A race friend Steven getting his Yamaha broke in before the Grand Prix

 dana burkhart

 Dual sport diva Dana building her cage

 brianna goodno2

 Hot shots Brianna and Kyleigh out on some pre race testing at our favorite park Prairie City

 sara mcnair2

 My southern kin Sarah gets some new guest

 cynthia versteeg2

 Coworker Cynthia girl getting into her ice cream

 claudia vallery

 Coworker Claudia doing her best to work those pounds off, what pounds you ask good question

 nicole holland

 My Nicole from Bishop’s pup just waiting for a bite

 michelle chandler

 Coworker Michelle’s kids just loving the new boxes they got

 cynthia versteeg3

 Cynthia’s girl crashes on the swing then blames big brother, normal family if you ask me

 laura coiner

 Moto diva Laura shot of her kids Shelby and Jeremy, Jeremy looking more like a 1970’s jet fighter test pilot if you ask me

 cindy weatherman

 Moto diva Cindy’s pup doing a stellar job keep guard of her granddaughter

 henry romaulo

 My coworker Henry here pregame face, more like a face of delusional optimism

 cynthia versteeg4

 Cynthia’s hen house ready to go

 robin hoegerman

 Robin posing with his race bike and two district awards ready for a repeat but with two ones instead

 michelle foletta

 Coworker Michelle of the south’s girl ready for more

 cynthia versteeg

 Cynthia trying out spam and eggs, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it’s good

 brianna goodno

 Brianna and Kyleigh showing off there district awards, these two are becoming the class of the C women’s division

 sara mcnair

 Sarah my kin of the south and her pawn star boys

 bryan rails

 My two wheels with peddles friend Bryan getting in some speed riding

 scott barnett

 My So Cal brother Scott’s boy trying his hand at some road riding. he liked the dirt better

 steve minniear

 Moto friend Steve and his new green friend

 brian garrahan

 Double A and moto training guru Brian teaching his class, have no idea what he is teaching her but I know Brian this is pertinent to the class

 adam carpineta2

 Moto dad and friend Adam gets a pic of his Son Michael on the line in the vintage exhibition race, the bike is 22 years older than he is but he rode it like it was his race bike. It was literally like when Charlie Brown raced and just slowly caught and passed me I even waved my fist in the air like Snoopy did

 vickie souza

 Pro moto diva Vickie snaps a shot of her boys on the line, when they pass it’s just a red yellow blur pass you

 adam carpineta

 Adam stayed focused and earned this nice 2nd place, the Carpineta boys did well this weekend



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