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January 15, 2014


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 claudia vallery2

 My coworker Claudia and her two super heroes

 ty sumrall2

 My nephew Tyler snaps this shot of his friend getting ready to jump over the pole, needs a red bull to get er done

 larry langley

 Dual sport friend Larry doing some coastal camping and getting some nice photos

 dee jay

 MX moto diva Dee showing off her new riding swag and bike bling

 tim sumrall

 What I saw in the elevator last Thursday, some say it’s a grease rag others say it’s a decoration why I keep using these old elevators I don’t know

 laura coiner

 Moto diva Laura snaps this shot of the youth racers on Saturday, these kid raced hard for every number

 john francis

 Former moto friend now hiking man John resting with a view

 sean rhodes

 Race dad and friend Sean very proud dad as both his girls bring home #1

 jane conrad

 Moto diva Jane out on the links Saturday enjoying our spring winter

 larry langley2

 Larry and Maggie doing some fishing

 rob baker3

 Race dad Rob gets a shot of his son Jake taking home top youth honors

 rob baker

 Rob got double the honors as a dad when his son Ty took second in his class

 michelle foletta

 Coworker Michelle of the south’s little girls first B day

 nicole bettencourt

 Coworker Nicole the mini van mom getting her boy to school

 robert sinex

 Dual sport pal Robert teaching his girl which remote to bring daddy, at least she doesn’t have to stand by the TV and turn the nob like I had to do. Kids today have it easy

 rob baker2

 Rob get selfie of moto diva and RUTS gal Elizabeth and her #1

 larry langley3

 Larry snaps a shot of Maggie ready for fishing duty

 cynthia versteeg2

Coworker Cynthia gets a shot of her girl hanging with the chickens, love the fact she has cage free birds and two reds one to boot

 scott burnett

 So Cal brother Scott gets a pic of his girl comparing Disneyland’s Frontierland to Randsburg, she liked Randsbrug better, Scott’s a brilliant dad

 kirsten vega

 Number 1 RN worker Kirsten and her cat stealing the photo

 sheila elworthy

 Can’t let a broken leg get you down as moto diva Sheila takes up cart racing in the local Costco, she took first and grabbed a great deal on that 70 inch Vizio as well

 steven godman

 Double A friend Steven and hot shot Sharon out on a winter spring walk, I hate it when these kids walk around with shorts on in the winter while I freeze in my house

 ingrid nash

 Old Foresthill friend Ingrid and her son enjoying the second happiest place in California

 claudia vallery

 Claudia giving her boy and his monkey or bear a ride

 ty sumrall

 Tyler out doing some dusk mountain bike riding

 cynthia versteed

 Cynthia doing a selfie with her horse

 tim sumrall2

 Had to snap this shot of my coworker Henry taking some Siemens down to the ED lab, such a good boy

 bill craig

 Friend, racer, dual sport and all around done everything Bill gets this photo of a peacock hanging out with a flock of wild turkeys, can’t wait to see the babies


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