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January 8, 2014



anson maloneyDouble A race friend Anson and his B women hot shot Megan out testing his race facility over the weekend

 vickie souza

 Race mom and birthday girl Vickie gets a pic of her posy going wild at TGIF

 jeremy coiner

 Fast man Jeremy (on the right) and his fast friends all take home some metal from the first National Hare Scrambles of the year in Arizona last weekend

 crystal richter2

 Coworker Crystal gets a shot of her man getting a nice fish a few days ago

 sean rhodes

 Race friend and dad Sean’s oldest gets an easy win in Arizona, I’m not looking forward to having her pass me in the coming races


 Race friend Dennie’s pup a little cold needing a blankie to get through the morning

 elizabeth lampman

 Race diva Elizabeth gets this photo of us in Nevada new years day, this little shack out in the Moonrocks looked cozy. Thats my KTM in the front with Scotts stabilizer and goggles, Joel on the left, Tyler, Cooper, Elizabeth, Doug, Marvin and I’m poking in next the the Yamaha.

 Rober sinex2

 Dual sport friend Robert out on a ride at Georgetown, crossing the new bridge CERA installed last year

 laura coiner3

 Moto diva Laura gets a shot of our racing youth as they head to Arizona, Jake in the background is not flipping us off but is exercising his injured middle finger the next time he does that, same goes for you boys in the back I’m watching you

 Laura coiner

 Laura getting a pic of the boys at the top of Mount Glen Helen

 elizabeth lampman2

 Doug here pointing towards Reno where our $20.00 buffet is

 crystal richter

 Crystal very happy and getting a snooze brake on her drive home, sometimes quiet outweighs the conversation

 rob baker

 Race dad Rob getting a nice photo of his two boys race machines

 laura coiner2

 Laura getting a shot of the race dads discussing suspension setup, cornering speed, a race tactics

 charlie coiner

 Race dad and friend Charlie getting a photo of race moms discussing hair product, shoes and what to wear that night and as always how good there kids look on the track

 robert sinex

 New years eve dinner with Robert and yes I know he looks it but he’s not a serial killer

 robin hoegerman

 Dual sport pal Robin off for a new years day ride

 dennie conrad

Dennie getting a pic of Jane and the pup discussing the news of the day

 adam carpineta2

 Race dad Adam working on his training facility as his boy here attacks these logs

 tim sumrall

 New years eve my camping neighbors start the fire

 adam carpineta

 Adam out disking the track for new years day ride

 tim sumrall2

 My nephew Bryce on his old heavy 140, kid rode like a champ cant wait to see him on his RM 85


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