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December 18, 2013


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alison williamsAh fresh cookies baked by my coworker Allison’s daughter, just four you may ask because there for just her daughter.

 tami sumrall2

 My Sis N Law Tami’s post of my nephew Bryce ready for Christmas

 dennie conrad

 Who else would take this pic, Dennie, nor sun, nor frost, nor mud stops him from T time

 brian garrahan

 Moto teacher Brian injured again while giving real life instructions to those willing to lean about life and moto. No union health plan for this great teacher if you want to be the best off road rider or just learn to ride Brian Garrahan is your man he’s on FB or google Garrahan off road training.

 sean rhodes2

 Sean here and his bride off to sunny Mexico for some R and R

 erin kane

 Erin getting a photo of the family decorating the family Christmas tree

 crystal richter

 My coworker Crystal and family off to the go carts last week, dad here teaching his girl how it’s done

 nicole holland

 Nicole of Bishop has her tree up, hopefully it withstands the cold cold days and nights of the Bishop weather

 claudia vallery

 Claudia my spicy exotic coworker back from Reno and this is what she brought me, I don’t know if he’s dreaming this machine spitting out his fortune but what ever it is he’s content

 elizabeth lampman

 Lampman or Santa you decide, thanks Elizabeth for the pic

 laura coiner

 Moto diva Laura gets ready to clean some dishes and this appeared, ah the life of a moto mom

 liz gabrial

 My RN coworker Liz Beth hanging out at the toy shop last week

 henry romulado

 Newbie RT Henry at the Niners last weekend, looks cold

 eng kavhan

 Here one of my most exotic coworker Eng or Ting as some of us call her her her girls, nice boots

 brad jones

 Bad Brad and his one cool cat enjoying a evening

 lori soligan

 Claudia and here ugly Christmas sweater party that I was not invited to, Lori second on the left posted this pic as the token european entry

 dena small

Deana my Reno neighbor and her kids setting up the tree

 sara mcnair

 Southern kin Sara grabs this pick of her sickly child, get better soon

 sean rhodes

 Sean’s photo of the Mexican sunset

 cendy weatherman

 Moto diva Cindy has her pup all ready for Chrismas

 adam popik

 Moto and vintag pal Adam couldn’t wait until Christmas to buy his grandson a nice orange bike, in the front of the pic a moto hot shot in the making

 tami sumrall

 My nephew Tyler wearing my old ski cap, I want it back

 anson maloney

 Anson’s buddy ready for a trip

 steven godman

 AA Moto friend Steven rides hard and stays inspired

 adam carpineta

 Moto friend Adam finishes his double for the kids to practice on, dad builds track for kids, kids become great riders stay in school, out of trouble and happy win win for everyone

 tami sumrall3

 Kenny who, how about Brice King Sumrall playing your favorite tunes on his woodwin sax, pretty smooth kid


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