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December 10, 2013



 bill craig

 Snow fall on Criags Ranch over the weekend, Racing friend Bill gets a nice dusting

 tavish jones

 Coworker Tavish gets a pic of his boy enjoying TV

 john kane

 Racing friend and all round good guy John get this pic of his severed tendon

 cluadia vallery

 Coworker Claudia enjoys some holiday time with friends and coworkers

 robert sinex

 Dual sport friend Robert and his sleeping baby

 erin kane

 John’s wife Erin snaps this pic of a patched up John

 crystal richter3

 Coworker Crystal and girls head to San Fran

 mary smith

 Coworker and top notch ER RN Mary and her electric eyed pup

 kirsten vega2

 Coworker and favorite RN Kirsten’s girl with her olive fingers

 debraa geohegan

 Race mom Debra’s almost dead rain deer, trying to patch things up to make the house look festive

 larry langley

 Dual sport friend Larry and pup Maggie do a little winter fishing

 elizbeth lampman

 RUTS gal and friend Elizabeth gets a photo of her grayhound wanting a little bit bigger bed

 emily winters2

 Oregon race hot shot Emily gets a nice selfie with her favorite coworkers

 katie swick

 Oregon moto Diva Katie snaps a shot of her girl Samantha and friend selling wreaths, get your order in now they do deliver

 loura coiner

Moto diva Laura’s family pic at their Thankgiving ride in Foresthill, as I always say the family that rides together stays together

 jerry weeks

 My cousin Jerry gets this pic of his cats waiting for Christmas gifts, I keep thinking of lady and the tramp every time I see this picture

 jeff jones

 Louisiana cousin Jeff and his pic and advantage point waiting for a deer to come along

 d jay

 MX Diva Dee and Ben having a nice time with grandson

 kirsten vega

 Kirsten’s girl # two a little bit apprehensive about those olives

 emily winters

 Emily’s area gets it’s first snow of the season, fear not this is an Aztek and this car is fully self contained she can live in the for days if need be

 rob baker

 While all of us main lander’s freeze Race Dad Rob snaps this shot of his boy Jake as they relax in sunny Hawaii

 lawrence borges

 Dual sport pal Lawrence and his son Ben on route at the Barstow to Vegas dual sport ride

 darlene sumrall

 My wife Darlene and her 07 Husky’s piston, no those are not C’s or horse shoes nor are those circles indentations supposed to be there

 crystal richter

 Crystal having movie night in bed, let me guess little mermaid or something with a princess in it, am I right

 nicole holland

 Nicole from Bishop forecast for the weekend, glad I don’t live there

 crystal richter2

 Crystal and the girls out shopping, between you and me that looks like one tedious operation to get those girls out and about looking like that

shiela elworthyTwo of my favorite moto diva’s Sheila and Gwen out on a joy ride

shiela elworthy2

 And the Joy ride ended with Sheila getting this Xray, now to be fair she didn’t break it on the Rokon it’s still remain a fun novelty to ride

 vickie souza

 Pro moto diva Vickie’s man grills up this awesome looking turnkey for Thanksgiving, wish I could have been there

 cameron dhien

 Dual sport friend Cameron and pup out on a nice jeep run, wait is that fluid under the front, is that suppose to be there?

 bryan rails

 Former moto but still on two wheels friend Bryan’s forecast for his week, might get heat stoked if that were Bishop


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