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November 12, 2013


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 amber fox

 Coworker Amber’s mini me doing some baking a day or two ago

 tim sumrall

 My shot of  my coworker Courtney, she was attempting to eat her pizza when it flew over to Michelle’s chair. I told her I would pay her $5.00 if she would eat it, lets say Michelle got a nicely sanitized armrest instead

 john severin2

 SoCal brother John and his wife Tami tour the Grand Canyon

 brianna goodno

 Hotshot Brianna taking a nice leap of air last week

 sean rhodes

 Racing bud Sean and his youngest hotshot Bailey and lovely wife on the line at the Lillipution

 kraig traum

 Tough night at work for our district man Kraig, pups ready for some snore time

 bud kennedy

 My Santa Cruz friend Bud ready for some ping pong

 michael hanson

 My missionary friend Michael gets a great shot of these two young farmers ready to toil the soil

 jane conrad

 Moto diva Jane and her pic of Dennie on the 18th

 crystal richter

 Coworker Crystal and her morphing girl

 laura coiner3

 Moto Diva #2 Laura snaps this shot of Jeremy giving this young lad a ride. I can see this will be a future photo of J man and his son or daughter some day

 laura coiner2

 Laura’s photo of  Brock, always helping out

 john severin

 John here busted for possession of fun

 larry langley

 Dual Sport friend and his trusty Maggie out for a snowy drive last week

 cluadia vallery

 Coworker Claudia and her latest bitstrip, all I can say is true story bro true story

 katie swick

 Moto Diva #3 Katie from Oregon goes to work and this is what her husband Kent and daughter Emily sent her

 john severin3

 John doing some mountain biking on a rock

 lawrence borgens2

 Dual sport pal Lawrence doing what he wants to do

 laura coiner

 Laura gets a shot of J man’s 1st place as he bests them all at Prairie City

 john francis

 Hiking man and friend John back at Yosemite, I really don’t think it was ever on fire

 brianna goodno2

Brianna visits Mason both super fast racers, Mason crashed his brains out at Prairie City last week but vowed “I will return”

 lawrence borgens

 Lawrence and fiends heading out to Carnegie for a day of riding

 colin bylund

 Dual Sporting friend Colin visits his son Conner at Oregon State, here they try and raise some of Conner’s tuition with this stunt

 robert sinex

 Dual Sport friend Robert gets a photo of this cool motorhome he plans to buy for us

 rob baker

 Moto Dad Rob gets a shot of one of the fastest vintage blue plate racers Sean, that silver bullet in his hand is only half his secret to his speed


 My nephew Bryce and his artsy photo of himself


 Justin Bieber out of his van in Argentina ready for some party time

 sean rhodes2

 Sean and his oldest hotshot Kyleilgh on the line at Prairie City last week, daughter seeming to being having better success with her modern equipment lately


 Here JB breaking the law for tagging in a foreign country, punishment was cut off his hand but he paid the Argentina police with a Brazilian prostitute

 tami sumrall

 Sis N Law Tami gets a nice pic of Bryce and his future wife

 ty sumrall

 Oldest nephew Ty getting it done and you would be hard press to guess where


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