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November 6, 2013


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 al yankovic

 Legend Al Yankovic driving Elton John around early in Al’s career

 tim sumrall

 My 280 KTM almost done, tiring  job

 larry langley2

 Dual spotring friend Larry and his trusty pup Maggie out on a walk

 bryce sumrall

 My nephew Bryce putting in the laps at Mammoth bar

 tami sumrall

 My sis N law and her artsy fartsy photo in Greece


 My coworker Michelle and her sugary girl

 crystal richter2

 My other super coworker Crystal’s girl and her super new look

 elizabeth lampman3

 Moto pro diva Elizabeth out for her night race in Washington

 elizabeth lampman2

 Later that night our pro diva’s doing good

 nicole holland

 My bishop Nicole getting some good shots of her back yard

 rene morales

 Coworker Rene gets a new addition to his family

 larry langley

 Tat bit of snow for Larry on his camping trip

 elizabeth lampman

 Elizabeth and her photo of Doug rescuing sea crustaceans in Oregon

 sean rhodes

 Moto pal Sean and his rear tire after Deer Creek HS, he feels he’s got one or two more races on this tire

 nicole holland2

 You know its cold in Bishop when all the pups and cats sleep together

 tami sumrall3

 Tami finds this photo in Greece the most feminine country in the European union

 tim rynders

 Moto friend Tim gets a rare shot of his dad Steve, want to know what Tim will look like in 30 years here you go

 tami sumrall2

 Tami here in Italia giving us the finger


 emily winters2

 Moto hot shot Emily’s pretty pup

 ty sumrall

 My nephew Ty as he scoff at wearing a costume

 kirsten vega

 My RN friend Kirsten and her two princesses

 julie grandy

 Foresthill friend Julie’s Iron man

 tami sumrall4

 Tami spends a week in a half in Europe and comes home to this, those dolls move too

 nicole bettencourt2

 Coworker Nicole and her two animals, well not sure what elmo is though

 lea allison

 Fellow RT Lea and her crew

 robert sinex

 Dual sport friend Rob and his butterfly

 dana pontious

 Pro moto Diva Dana and her hybrid pup

 nicole bettencourt

 Nicole and RT guru Debbie at a normal day of work

 michelle foletta

 Coworker Michelle of the south and her Mini mouse

 ty baker

 The wonder baker boys

 sara mcnair

 Southern kin ready for treatin

 laura coiner

 Moto Diva Laura and her hell hound

 colin bylund

 Central brother Colin and his minions

 tim rynder2

 Tim’s mocha pumpkin


 The coach drank too many of her green shakes

 allison williams

 Coworker Allison and her little owl

 tracey baker

 Baker house has Larry the cable guy holding a chicken and two moto mobsters

 jane conrad

 Moto Diva #2 Jane and her skeletor pups

 emiley winters

 Emily the feline

 crystal richter

 Crystal’s girls ready for some candy

 amber fox

 Coworker Amber and her mini me princess


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