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October 29, 2013


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brianna goodno2Moto hotshot friend Brianna has her favorite meal dumplings and orange juice

 tami sumrall3

 Sis N Law still hanging out in bankrupt europe

 kirsten vega3

 My favorite RN Kirsten giving us the pringles duck face

 christal richter

 My Coworker Crystal and her girls leaning to share

 sheila elworthy2

 Moto diva friend Sheila gets a great shot of D36 man Al and his VIP assistant at Deer Creek

 laura coiner3

 Moto Diva #2 Laura and Ty Baker on the line at Deer Creek, all smiles at this point

 gwen campbell

 Moto Diva #3 Gwen shares this shot of Sheila doing her duty, minimum of 565 click of the shutter is a must

 rob baker2

 Race dad and friend Rob getting the family carving tradition on file, Bakers very talented in racing and carving pumpkins

 john servin

 So Cal brother John shopping with wife and little Tiki, that’s not Husky attire so maybe church or golf

 kirsten vega

 Kirsten’s little one and her pumpkin

 laura coiner5

 Laura’s moto pup just waking up, it was cold last night don’t judge

 michelle chandler

 Donut day at the my coworker Michelle’s house

 laura coiner

 Laura’s family photo at Deer Creek

 laura coiner2

 Laura gets a nice shot of our District 36 youth superstars

 emily winters2

 Moto hotshot Emily and friend out celebrating early all hollows eve

 laura coiner4

 Laura and dad at the Crazy Miner family enduro over the weekend

 kirsten vega2

 Kirsten’s girl corn fed or at least sleeps in the corn or is a child of the corn

 rob baker

 Rob’s family staring on their masterpieces

 robert sinex

 Dual Sport friend Rob’s little girl on her tip toes to show she’s bigger than the orange thing

 jeff jones

 My cousin Jeff , Dad and Jojo out for a small road trip in the great state of Louisiana, you might be thinking there going to visit the duck dynasty cast. I’m here to tell you my Louisiana family is the original cast of characters of the great state of Louisiana

 cameron dhien

 Dual Sport and Nevada friend Cameron gets a nice 3 inch dump of new snow Sunday night

 sheila elworthy

 Sheila gets a great shot of Sean’s almost smile, Sean almost won the blue plate class at Deer Creek, Smile shows he will try again

 emily winters

 Emily’s pumpkin, nicely done

 tami sumrall

 Tami lands in Turkey and finds this

 tami sumrall2

 I told Tami I wanted a Tag watch, oakly sun glasses and and Clive Christian perfum when she gets to Italy I hope this is not what she had in mind

brock campbell

 Nice pic by blood brother Brock of two of the best youth racers in Nor Cal

 brianna goodno

 Brianna getting a good start at Deer Creek and conquering this year race

 ty sumrall

 My nephew Ty making his friend plank or he’s doing witchcraft

 al yankovic

You know the guy on the right as Al but can you name the great icon on the left, hint he was a corporal in the calvary

 tim rynders

 Moto friend Tim and his sis doing some photo shoots in Target, why I don’t know they just are


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