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October 23, 2013


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cindy weathermanOur moto diva Cindy and grandson both taking home some goodness from last weeks race

 tracy baker

 Moto mom Tracey gets a great pic of her boys with grandmother

 crystal richter3

 Coworker Crystal and clan off on a road trip around town

 crystal richter

 Crystal gets a photo of how kids are rounded up these days

 tami surmall

 Sis N Law Tami in Italia this week eating the greatest food of all, Salami and all of it’s relatives

 dustin soldano

 Dual sport friend Dustin gets a shot of his boy Ryan charging hard last week at Frank Raines

 dana pontious

 Moto diva and newlywed Dana has her first married mishap

 tami sumrall

 Tami in all of Italy takes a photo of a bike, not the pope but of a bike, vacation 101 when in the Vatican take a photo of the pope not his bike

 colleen kennedy

 Santa Cruz friend Colleen and her pup ready for all hollows eve

 erin kane

 Lodi friend Erin using not so friendly words that even her iphone said no

 lea allison

 Fellow RT Lea’s kids box up her son for a pre holiday gift

 jd kane

 Moto friend JD taking his pup for an adventure

 lawrence borgens

 Dual sporting friend Lawrence on a road trip as the wiener mobile in close contact

 r181 borgens

 And now he is passed, how do you get passed by the wienermobile???

 ingrid nash

 Old friend Ingrid on vacation in a 3rd world country using slaved labor to taxi her around, nice hat

 max parker

Racing friend Max getting it done at Deer Creek

 sean rhodes

 Racing pal Sean and father and daughter day on two wheels

 dave wasson

 Dual sport pal Dave has his son stock up

 tami sumrall2

 Nice pic from Tami and this 19th century chalk tagger

 tami sumrall3

 Another great photo from Tami taken in Italia of the resurrection of Jesus, this is exactly how I envisioned Jesus walking out of the tomb in all his glory

 crystal richter2

 Crystal gets a comical shot of fellow coworker Michelle arguing with a three year old, below to the left the little girl is just thinking let it go Michelle let it go Christmas is a federal holiday

 tavis jones

 Coworker Tavish bags this three footer last week

 Tim Sumrall

 My pic of the Moto Exotica pup that greets you when you buy a new bike, he’s barking sign on the doted line

 claudia vallery

 Coworker Claudia’s pic of her pup and son, pup is demanding a trip to petsmart or the kid and the car gets his wrath

 brad jones

 Lodi and moto friend Brad on his 4×4 road trip

 ty sumrall2

 My nephew Ty and guess where his is just guess

 adam pontious

 Moto friend Adam getting ready for his wedding

 ty sumrall

 Tyler getting a nice shot of his friend flying


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