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September 25, 2013


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claudia valleryMy coworker Claudia’s not so happy boy

 ty sumrall

 My nephew getting some great shots of his crazy friends

 michelle chandler

 My other diva coworker Michelle and her Bailey looking like she has second thoughts about this photo

 greg willis

 Moto friend Greg having some fun in the sun

 tim ryders

 Moto wonder boy Tim and his sis, he’s a good brother helping his sister buy new outfits…… wait what….

 rob baker2

 The fabulous Baker boys back from conquering GTown

 kim Aristizabal

 My former coworker’s boy Kim and her rain loving son

 scott burnett2

My SoCal brother Scott, wife and friends getting dirty

 john wiltsey

 John my dual sporting SoCal brother and his wife tasting local vineyards

 michelle chandler2

 Michelle gets the best codes, Lycra Spandex and Silicon everywhere

 rob baker

 Moto dad Rob’s son JT after last weeks WORCS  race at Honey Lake

 sean rhodes

 Moto friend Sean and Baker boy Jake enjoy perfect riding conditions at GTown then the Bronco’s beat the Raiders put Sean in a happy coma for the rest of the week

 scott burnett

 Before the Mud hit the face

 lea allison

 Former Coworker and fellow Pit lover Lea and her girl with a broken finger, got it set in the ER then demanded to finish the school day, one tough girl

 sheila elworthy

 RIP chuck the gopher as Moto diva Sheila blasted him to groundhog heaven with one shot between the eyes, don’t mess with this gal rumors are she tills the soil with her KTM

 elizabeth gabrial

 My favorite RN Elizabeth doing her best 80’s, love the hair, lets see I had those sun glasses form 1980 until I lost them, had the mullet in 1986 following the Rick Johnson trend and I still have my fanny pack but it’s for riding only and it’s still cool

 ty baker

 Moto Kid Ty B on top of the world in GTown

 gwen campbell

 Moto Diva 2 Gwen and her baby Loch

 tim ryders2

 Tim her being bossed by a woman, it’s what we men do

 will bryan

 Former coworker and part time daredevil Will doing his training

 dee jay

 Moto MX Diva Dee’s cat not amused

 claudia vallery 2

 Claudia’s much more happy boy

 charlie coiner

 All around moto friend Charlie getting his bike ready for the fall season, in the words of Freddy Prince, LOOOKING GOOOOD

 ty sumrall2

 My nephew Ty getting in some moto time and where would he be doing this…. Mammoth bar


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