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September 17, 2013


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brad jones My old RUTS North friend Brad now can tell us his big fish story

 tim sumrall2

 My dual sport friends here at the top of Mt. Patterson 11600 feet

 adam pontious

 My old RUTS friend Adam and Bryan doing some carting over the weekend

 gwen campbell

 Moto Diva Gwen gets her baby Loch ready for Honey Lake WORCS race

 curt candall

 D36 racing friend Curt gets a photo of his boy racing through a house

 crystal richter

 Crystal’s girl after dance class

 jerry fouts

 Nice pic from D36 man with a plan Jerry of the flag flying half mast in Bridgeport

 elizabeth gabrial

My Coworker RN Elizabeth gets engaged

 steve minniear

 Moto friend and hiker Steve on his way up half dome

 doug lampman

 RUTS North and moto pal Doug gets a photo of the girls at Sand Canyon south of smith valley

 jake baker

 Jake behind a #1 fan of his, District champ this guys if famous

 robin hoegerman

 Nice pic from dual sporting friend Robin off hwy 1

 michelle chandler

 My working friend Michelle and the girls at Disney pirates on ice or whatever it’s called

 julie grandy

 Little guest in Julie’s back yard

 rob baker

 Rob my race friend gets a shot of Sean very comfortable, nothing wrong they way his is sitting he’s just comfortable

 crystal richter2

 Crystal’s girl enjoying popcorn and pirates

 nicole holland

 Nicole from Bishop’s morning glory

 ken hubert

 Ken finally gets the car out of the house and almost together

 rob sinex2

 Dual Sporting friend Rob and his wife on an adventure, old style

 jana van os

 My boss Jana’s family at the grape festival

 rob sinex

 Rob’s little girl or as we like to call her Padawan

 SHEIla elworthy

 Moto Diva Sheila saves a calf from wild, Sheila is now a calf wisperer

 emily winters

 Oregon Moto Diva Emily and her new monster truck

 robin hoegerman2

 Robin’s daughter keeping an eye on him in the rear view mirrow

 tim sumrall

 All of dual sporter, Doug, Jim, Darlene, Elizabeth and my dad at the state line

 debbie worley

 Oregon Moto Diva #2 Debbie and her pups

 allison williams

 My coworker Allison’s daughter killing it at soccer, the girl in the red never knew what hit her

 steve minniear2

 Steve (on the right) and friends make it to the top of half dome, yea


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