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September 3, 2013


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sean rhodes2Moto friend Sean captures this shot of the Polka Dots men working on the kids bikes, a wink to let you know who is really in control

 charlie coiner

 We see here Charlie fellow racing and dual sport buddy invading Ty’s space

 dee jay

Dee takes 5, not too bad for a major race like the OTHG nationals

 scott burnett

Typical So Cal family on vacation in an area where there is a major fire, Scott and his family say what fire there is no smoke

 charlie coiner4

 Charlie gets Cal half asleep in Montana

 J. Coiner

 Young fast boy Jeremy now knows what it’s like to be under the spell of a woman, you do anything they say no matter what you look like. Jake doing a nice photobomb as well

 nicole holland

 Hi from Roxy in Bishop

 crystal richter

 The Richter girl getting in to some fun

 coach dre

The Coach and her companion who wants to say “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD”

 laure coiner

 Moto Diva Laura picking up the gang for birthday fun

 elizabeth gabreial

 Yes these are my coworkers but they are nurses and little different bread enjoying some play time

 laure coiner2

 Laura at Santa Cruz where somewhat of a pyramid is made

 greg bates

 Greg and and family motoing in Spain, no helmet or safety gear but that’s the way they roll in bankrupt Europe

 laura coiner2

 Some posing before everyone heads out to the beach

 rob baker

 Moto Dots friend Rob arrive at my favorite black jack spot, Ty approves of this stop

 dave wright

 Dual sport friend Dave gets a great shot of the Fox theater in Oakland

 laure coiner3

 Dare I say Charlie’s angels, master mind and his crime fighting teens. I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids

 camerin dhein

 Nice tire slice Cameron, if anyone can do it without a flat it’s my Boardertown friend

 charlie coiner5

One of Charlie’s biggest fears, a clown in a dress, mine too specially when they have a butcher knife in their hand

 rob sinex

 Now Rob my dual sporting pal’s wife is into his insanity

 scott burnett2

 Scott’s son not a happy camper on their camping trip in Yosemite, maybe it was all that smoke that never appeared

 charlie coiner2

 The odd couple, the racing version maybe, great shot no matter what

 sean rhodes

 Sean gets Jeremy stoked and ready for the black jack table,……. oh not this time, ya know maybe in a few years or so

 brad jones

 Nor high elevation, nor smoke will get in the way of Brad on his 4×4 road trip


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