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August 28, 2013


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9half racingFrom 9 1/2 Racing two racing buddies one helping the the other because that is how our parents taught us

sheila elworthyMy moto diva gal Sheila’s zucchini gets mugged by a gopher, It was like the move SAW but only with vegetables

 gwen campbell

 My other moto diva Gwen gets her boy Loch sharing a lucky embrace with Kyleigh Rhodes before his race that he won

 brianna goodno

 The Goodno family out doing some moto at EStreet over the weekend

 robert sinex

 Robert my dual spot pal and his daughter, “Daddy why is there a dog on your head”

 john severin

 My SoCal adventure friend John gets his bud Brian just out of the pinenuts mountains on the High Sierra dual sport ride

 charlie coiner2

 Charlie and Ty mug it up in Montana over the weekend

 michelle chandler

 Michelle gets a shot of her Bailey living the dream

 debbie worley

Nice pic from my Oregon Diva moto gal Debbie of life as a kid with and without a tail

 claudia vallery

My coworker Claudia and her wrestler son, I’m guessing she’s taking him to his first match the underoos invitational at the Fruit of the Loom center in downtown Stockton

 lea allison

 This time it’s my fellow RT Lea’s boy living the soft serve dream

 laura coiner2

 Charlie gets a nice pic of his boy Jeremy before his race

 elizabeth lampman

 Elizabeth turns the new 25, then the dropped to the floor and gave everyone 50 push ups for everyone to prove it

 julie grandy

 My old Foresthill girl Julie recovers from a pedicure

 charlie coiner3

 Charlie gets a pic of the teenage road trip antics, I’d have to say I have been on a lot of road trips and he one up’ed me on this one

 john francis

 My former moto pal turned hiker John tours Yosemite before it caught on fire

 jd kane

 JD doing more flips

 lochlan campbell

 Lochlan Campbell is done with California and heads to Montana only to find California is polluted every state in the union

 laura coiner

 My other other moto diva gal Laura gets her boys before they head to Montana

 dennie conrad

 Dennie’s pup distraught with too many channels and nothing worth watching

 bryan rails

 Former moto pal turned bicyclist Bryan in a race for his life, I told him win at all cost, vomit your spleen but win, he still has his spleen

 lea allison2

 Lea’s girls ready for back to school

 charlie coiner4

 Charlie’s boy Jeremy and Brocks son Calum get on tv as they officially took over Montana as their private playground


 Polka Dots MC junior riders traveled to Montana and took it home

 nicole holland

 My Bishop Nicole reasoning with a duck “I want food”

 charlie coiner

 Charlie’s photo of his companions in Nevada at the High Sierra dual sport ride, I can see in my future riding with these Amigos someday

 adam carpineta

 Adam’s boys washing and bathing at the same time

 sean rhodes

 Moto friend Sean and crew reach Montana

 becca arteaga

 My night shift coworker Becca receiving a ghost text, that’s some scary stuff

 sean rhodes2

 Sean’s gets the crew as the get all set for the next race

 ty baker

 Ty, BRo and Gal set out on an epic road trip, Baker style

 ty baker2

 Ty again here with a great pic of a nice kicker by 369 while little bro #8 bides his time before he takes the lead, Cal Campbell #6 in third waiting to pounce


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