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August 14, 2013


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tyler sumrallA photo taken from my Nephew Ty of what is thought to be Justin Beiber, but closer examination shows this is person is human.

 becca arteaga

 My Coworker Becca all alone for this inservice on this hybrid R2D2 like ventilator

 jana van os

My boss the Van Os’ little girl doing some maquerading

 sean rhodes3

Pic from my moto friend Sean, his little Bailey on the right and Brianna Goodno hanging out at Denios’s, we see hats are the fashion of the month

 brianna goodno

Moto girl Brianna’s KX all done and ready for racing

 laura coiner

 My redskin brother Bock helping out at last weeks Endurocross, if it were not for Bock’s muscle everyone would still be hung up on this log.

 scott burnett

 My SoCal brother Scott’s wife trying out a new rifle, family shoots together stays together

 crystal ricther

 Richter girl caught eating in the living room ah oh and her pup right below her grabbing leftovers

 gwen cambell

The Campbell’s enjoy Christmas in the Summer

 michelle foletta

The Foletta’s all smiles

 dee jay

 Dee getting some great air during some moto practice

 michelle chandler

There are so many captions I could add but I wont, this is the Chandler kids enjoying a walk

 louis olson2

 My Danish friend Louise in sunny Denmark

 jack hules

My dual sport friend Jack on vacation, ocean front lodging

 debbie worley

 My Oregon moto Diva Debbie and hubby on a road trip find this cool ship, I see the two becoming crab ship captains

 kirsten vega

 Kirstens girl just wants more coins mommy

 katherine jessup

 My coworker Katherine’s boy has a birthday and he knows it

 rob baker

Rob gets a shot of his boy Jake shredding Prairie City

 jake baker

 Jake Baker a man of the people he carries everyone’s soda

 louis olson

 Louise looking into wind power for her home in Davis

 bud kennedy2

Cowboy Bud, newest Santa Cruz trend starting here

 dennie conrad

 Dennie’s pup ready for a road trip, has to be in the Z50 or it’s just not worth doing

 michelle chandler2

 The Chandler children out and about

 sean rhodes

 Sean and family at the second happiest place on earth, getting some jungle fever here

 dana burkhart

 My SoCal moto momma Dana in Utah looking at maybe a new style of home, southwestern moffett with ice chest

 rob baker2

 Rob getting another pic of his son Ty dominating Prairie City

 brian railes

 My SoCAl mountain biker Brian out for a nice ride taking the kids way way out

 bud kennedy

 Bud with his pal

 sean rhodes2

 Sean’s new hybrid Suzuki, swears it runs better this way

 steve minniear

 My moto friend Steve finds this nice trail in Shasta.

 brian garrahan

 Brian Garrahan’s summer moto camp, the moto comes later when your in shape but until then it’s this type of boot camp antics that make a young boy fast and strong on two wheeles

 tami sumrall

 Road trip for the Sumrall family of Foresthill, new wheels and happy times

 amber fox

 Ambers minni me gets her star, minni me cause she looks just like her mom

 adam pontious

Adam’s my SoCal moto and frying friend’s pup ready for the day

will bryant

And finally my former coworker Will’s crazy racing,


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