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August 6, 2013


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adam carpinetaThe Carpineteta family hanging at the Full Throttle Saloon, this photo alone is better than the TV show

 tim sumrall

 Drove by the Toiyabe motel on my way to Bridgeport, someday I might stay here.

 laura coiner2

 Laura gets a pic of the old gang out at the Endurocross over the weekend, they just can’t stay away from racing

 brian garrahan

 You want to know how good Brian Garrahan is just look and see. On a TTR 250 wearing shorts and old Hanna helmet he lapped the entire field twice and that was the pro race; well maybe not.

 steve minniear

My old riding partner Steve getting this view in Shasta

 elizabeth gabrial

 Elizabeth just got herself a snuggle partner

 crystal richter2

 Richter girl out cold, too much happy in one day

rob bakerRob getting Jake ready for the race

 michelle foletta

 Foletta girl ready for some fun in the sun

 dennie conrad2

 Ah oh for Dennie

 laura coiner3

 Laura getting this photo of my dad receiving a free bike from a lot of great people, I see my mom wondering if this would pay for a European vacation, Greig almost in tears wanting to know where his bike is, Marty in the back wondering if he pushes Fred off the bike could he make a getaway on it, Doug way in the back trying not to fall asleep, and Eric Roberts baby wanting a new diaper.

 dan pryn

 Nice relaxing photo from Dan my ocean guy

 laura coiner

 Laura takes two teenagers to the zoo, I’m sure it went well with two girls. If it had been boys we would have had a planet of the apes scenario all over again

 elizabeth gabrial2

 Pic from Elizabeth my  RN coworker of Jessica eating two meals wondering how she stays so skinny. Yes she is mega skinny

 robin hogerman

 Robin my Bodega pal was at the local fire house parade and got this photo, ever since the birds attacked that town it’s never been the same.

 lori soligan

 My coworker Lori’s girls

 dennie conrad

 What do mean there is no more ham!!!

 bud kennedy

 Bud doing some golfing in Shasta

 robet sinex

 Robert hanging out with one of his french chef friends

 crystal richter

 Fighting in the Richter household, looks borderline MMA if you ask me

 tim rynders

Tim out for a short ride over the weekend

 tami sumrall

 My sis n law Tami in a van down by the river

 allison williams

 Allison’s girl seems quit happy at this moment, just wondering why mommy has fashioned socks on her hands like she was some elderly dementia patient that pulls their IV out all the time. Mom why, why mom I cant get my passy with these socks on my hands

adam carpineta2Nothing new here, the Carpeneta boys score big in some other state other than California


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