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July 31, 2013


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adam carpenitaThey built it and the Carpineta’s came

tyler sumrallNothing new Ty doing moto at Mammoth

 ingrid nash2

 The Nash’s looking to get a look at Celine’s back

 adam ponteous2

These two stayed in this plane all of July

 sheila elworthy

 Sheila and family camping the way your supposed to

 jen spore

 Jen’s new addition


 And the most interesting debate continued into the night

 sean rhodes

 Sean just floating around

 gwen campbell2

 Gwen gets a photo of the Baker boys in disagreement

 brianna goodno

 Brianna hanging with the Parker boys

 rob baker

 Bob and Jake doing some father and son tanning

 katherine jessup

 The Jessup family enjoying meal out, thumps up buddddy

 claudia vallery

 All that quad riding has made Claudia reckless on her two wheel cruiser

 michelle chandler2

 Michelle and family at the second happiest place on earth, where is the first you might ask, anywhere on two wheels in the dirt

 greg bates

 Greg in his travels stumbles on this So Cal artist and toy collector

 crystal richter2

One of Crystals princes’s

 lori soligan

 No these aren’t Anthony’s Weiner’s these are Lori’s Weenies

 kirsten vega3

 Kirsten gets a new look

 dee jay

 Dee gets a tat hot in July

 laura coiner4

 Laura gets Bill and my dad at the Funky Chicken

 elizabeth lampman

 After 250 miles on two wheels Elizabeth covers the rest of the stat of  Iowa on this trick trike, easy to do in a flat state

 emily winters

 Emily a tat dusty after the Funky Chicken

 laura coiner

 Laura photograph’s chaplain Fred and the Funky dots boys at where else the Funky Chicken. Brock Campbell doing a photobomb in the back right

 laura coiner3

Laura’s pic of  Kyliegh Rhodes besting them all as West Coast Hare Scrambles champ, D36 rides take another championship

gwen campbellGwen hanging with the Coiner racing, teams chief engineer/ mechanic/designer Charlie Coiner  and Coiner Racing chief principal/ constructor/cook/moral officer and digital recorder Laura Coiner

 kirsten vega

 Kirsten’s girls just being kids

 dana burkhart

 Back on the plane with Dana and Adam this time over the Grand Canyon

 ingred nash

 As Adam and Dana fly over the Canyon Ingrid and Troy drives to it.

 jen spore2

 The Spores taking a break from two wheels and a throttle and trying this iron man stuff with legs, not the same I can tell you that.

 lea allison

 Lea’s boy got the top down and almost flying free

 jake baker

 Nice pic from Jake of the Oregon coast

 ingrid nash3

 The Nash’s meet Chum, he had it call in an expert to verify his signature

 coach drekisling

 The coach gets a zip code for her next race

 julie grandy

 Julie finds July to be a bit hot outside

 gwen campbell3

 Gwen snaps a shot of her Brock doing arm pumps between races, lifting bikes off small children can be taxing

 michelle chandler

 Michelle’s boy trying to make a run for it

 kirsten vega2

 Kirsten’s wee one wanting more

greg bates2

One of the most dangerous places a wife’s husband can hang out, the trust in the Bates family is mighty strong as Greg does some sightseeing at Malcolm Smiths moto shop

bryan raila

Bryan conquers Canada on two wheels

laura coiner2

Laura gets the D36 boys and all their glory

elizabeth lampman2

Elizabeth gets a pic of this newly married couple in Iowa, eastern people kind of odd sometimes

polka dots mc

Polka Dots MC and this pic, maybe Charlie is about to cry because Sean is his lead pit crew and has only stocked the Coiner pit area with pizza and beer or maybe it’s the end of the race and Charlie is shedding a tear because Sean ate all the pizza and bear we will have to ask someday

brad jones

Brad gets some father, son and cat time his July, i tell you this those boys ate like kings while the girls were away that boy can cook

laura coiner5

Nice shot by Laura of Ty post race, Geraldo Rivera has nothing on this boy

dave wright

Dave Wright recreates Hitchcock’s the birds

rob baker3

Rob off to some Me time riding with the Dot’s

megan johnson

Via Megan Johnson Anson Maloney and Steven Godmen do so pit work at the Funky Chicken

 crystal richter

 Crystal’s Taylor tries to waterlog the family over the month of July

allison williams

Newest addition to the Williams house this July

miguel anaya

Miguel does some lost coast jeeping this month

charlie coiner

Chief Engineer of Coiner Racing Charlie gets all the bikes ready for Oregon, what bike to take……… take them all

sean rhodes3

Sean’s youngest Bailey taking home some awards for awesome riding

rob baker2

You always know when the Baker Boys are in your State, Oregon will never forget

brian garrahan

Brian’s racing school also shows you what not to do

adam carpenita2

Carpineta’s in the windy city

sean rhodes2

We can just say this Sean is kind of an aggressive rider

becca areaga

Becca at the local Stockton skeet club

tim sumrall

My pic of  the shack, local Sasquatch hanging out near Bear Valley. Doug going inside to see if he left any Jack Links

adam ponteous

Adam’s first time on the ground in a month

tami sumrall

Nice artsy pic from Tami of the beach

via dustin soldano

Ryan missing dad at the Funkey Chicken but like his dad he did all his own bike prep and took a bad start to finish 3rd, I see a Jedi Knight in this one

tyler sumrall2

My nephew Ty eating what would poison most of us older folks, I miss being young and eating poison


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