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June 25, 2013


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tim sumrallOut riding again with my good friend Greg Bates in the great state of Nevada, here Greg motors off from what I like to call the Meadow

 adam carpineta2

 You know when it’s a great day to ride, bunch of moto heads slight rain and no school. These boys owe it all to Adam Carpineta

 bryan rails

 My So Cal moto trader friend Bryan Rails out on another roadie ride

 scott burnett

So Cal friend Scott Burnett and family out watching the supper moon

 crystal ricther

 Nap time at my CoWorker Crystal Richters house, I see she left the gate open and a bunch of Minnie Mouses escaped

 dave wright

 Dave Wright’s newest house guest

 lea allison

 My fellow RT Lea Allison’s boy doing his best to back sand

 emily winters

 Moto gal Emily Winters and her wonder dog diagnosing a auto repair with dad Dave Winters

 ingrid nash

 Longtime friend Ingrid Nash being taken for a cool road trip, passing over Donner Summit on their way to Utah, baby knows where I like to go

 justin biber

 Pretty cool to see this Mr. T wannabe hang out with this awesome dog

 jim piatt

 Jim Piatt dual sporting friend and Polka Dots forever member going to great lenths to keep from kneeling down to work on his bike, I’d do the same Jim

 julie grandy

 My nor Cal friend Julie Grandy sipping a mint Julep in Tahoe, that’s how they serve Juleps in Tahoe; in bud light plastic cup

 ingrid nash2

 Ingrid scores the motherload in Battle Mountain Nevada

 katie swick

 My Oregon sister Katie Swick making some color adjustments to I believe Mr. Swicks bike

 lawrence borgens

 My Stockton connection who is not bankrupt Lawrence Borgens and his daughter getting ready to view a 3D movie, I think the movie was Manos Hands of fate


elizabeth lampmanElizabeth Lampman and I out in the Pine Nuts just waiting for more dead end trails

 robert sinex

 My dual sport buddy Robert Sines out on another adventure

 crystal richter2

 Crystal snaps this photo from what I feel is Joy Ride by Roxette


 sean rhodes

 Sean Rhodes pup is ready for a ride

 robert sinex2

 And the Sinex trip takes them to Beverly Hills Pawn where maybe he pawned his trike


 adam carpineta

 Load up a truck and trailer full of bikes and Adam will take you riding but if you drive a car you must party in the trunk

tami sumrall

My Sis N law Tami Sumrall in So Cal for Hair Academy College spots this hipster full on green bag and girls underwear hat, might be her client some day we shall wait and see


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