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June 19, 2013


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adam carpineta

The Carpineta clan scrubbing those bikes, a clean bike is a happy bike that’s why my KTM is pissed right now

 tim sumrall

My photo of one of my favorite coworker Michelle, I guess all my coworkers are my favorite people to work with but when they show off their air horns at the report table you have to love it

 brianna goodno

 Brianna Goodno back in action on her KX, now we see what we have been missing this spring. I pitty the rows of riders in front of her

 tami sumrall

 I’m guessing this is supposed to be a artsy fartsy photo of my sis in law, normally we don’t wash out our photos but as in the words of Pee Wee Herman I think she meant to do that.


 adam carpineta2

 Adam’s philosophy if you don’t have a tail gait then you trunk party

 will bryant

 Our crazy friend Will Bryan doing more crazy mud races, try it with a knobby and motor it’s so much more fun

 bud kennedy

 Bud Kennedy captures the essence of “I don’t care, love me anyways”

 sean rhodes

 Sean Rhodes at the DMV and why, he’s filming the newest reality TV show DMV wars. Followed by pissed off people at the DMV followed by tazed and incarcerated at the DMV

 claudia vallery

 Claudia Vallery’s camping trip included a talking fish, I think he wants that sippy cup

 scott burnet

Scott Burnett and son out on a hiking trip working up to a fall hiking extravaganza, young Burnett toting a small rifle just in case dad has taught him well

 charlie coiner

 While Adam and his boys hang in the trunk Charlie Coiner catches all the MLB balls that day

 sean rhodes2

 Sean preps his vintage for the Honey Lake MRANN race over the weekend, fathers day race as he enjoyed a day with his oldest girl where both pretty much dominated the their race

 colin bylund

 Colin Bylund says goodbye to the camel back and hello bags and bags and bags. I don’t blame you Colin I’m ditching my back pack too.

 rob baker

 Rob bakers famous cat Coco VonD in a rare photo shoot for the public

 dave wright

 Dave Wright hanging out in So Cal over the week finds this sweet trail, see we moto folks love signs that say steep narrow, twisty and technical, it’s like a magnet

 michelle foletta

 Michelle Foletta’s little girl keeps popping up all over FB so I just had to post it

 dave wasson

 Dave Wasson at this point stating to think his wife want’s him snockered

 ryan huitt

 My Reno moto friend Ryan Huitt heading back east gets this nice landscape photo for us

 debby worley

 My Oregon moto girl 2 Debbie Worley and daughter heading to RUTS Fest south of Bend Oregon at China Hat, love that high desert rain

 laura coiner2

 Laura Coiners little girl graduated this weekend and this is how the Coiners graduate in style

 dennie conrad

 Dennie Conrad stranded in Hawaii this week gets a photo of Jane dreaming about everything but living in California

 laura coiner

Laura snapping a shot of her girl Shelby and Andrew Souza getting it done  for 2013

 dee jay

 When Dee Jay injures herself she gets heart shaped bruises, lucky lady

 michelle chandler

 Michelle Chandler and her girl boy kids

 dennie conrad2

 Dennie finds Hawaii 5-0’s Kamekona’s shrimp wagon, did you know he has 101 ways to prepare shimp

kirsten vega

Kirsten Vega’s youngest trying out that tasty pool water

emily winters

My Oregon moto girl 1 Emily Winters letting her lil sister try her hand at driving, brave girl

julie grandy

My girl Julie Grandy letting her boy dig into sugar, dairy and sugar every boys favorite food

dennie conrad3You can always count on Dennie to find the most exotic food on the planet

kirsten vega2

Kirsten’s oldest out of the pool and ready to be dried, gentle cycle please

emily winters2

Emily proving to us all that yes a Pontiac Aztek can burn a little rubber

james stewart

James Stewart doing a little downtime with the fans

jim piatt

Poor Jim Piatt going to have to do a top end on his lawn mower, kids they just seem to test the laws of  lawn mower physics all the time


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