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June 11, 2013


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ty sumrallMy nephew’s pic of his pup, I think every photo we have of Bella is of her sleeping

 amber fox

 The Fox ladies saying ahhhhh

 ty baker

 Ty Baker, a girl and a baby goat nuf said

 steve minniear

 Steve Minniear gives us this photo of Volcano country I E the Lassen volcano very close by

 bryan rails2

 My So Cal bud Brian Rails mountain biking the white mountians

 robert sinex3

Robert Sinex getting his fill of low fat ice cream

 adam carpineta

 Adam Carpineta and crew gets some Mammoth bar in this week

 teri jones

 Teri Jones and her militia

 brianna goodno

 Brianna getting ever so close to resurrecting her race bike

 bryan rails

 Brian makes it to the top of the white mountains

 robert sinex2

 Robert ready for garage sale time I here it was a hoot bigger than storage wars

 charlie coiner

 Charlie Coiners birthday gift for his little girl, she has one great dad all I got was hand me downs from my brother

 robert sinex

 Robert tearing out his suspension, now I know who to call when I need to replace my trucks

 dana burkhart

 Dana Burkhart and her go pilot, I know that tongue anywhere he’s British

 rob baker2

 Rob Baker hanging out at the endurocross last Saturday, looks like good seats with more people than a Kings game

 mike richards

 Mike Richards new ride, he plans to drive to work in this baby so I’m told

 dennie conrad

 Dennie Conrads pup making a fort to keep undesirable’s out, it’s even camouflaged

 laura coiner

 Laura Coiner titles this photo as “good night in the Coiner house”

 crystal richter

 Beating the heat at the Richter house

 rob baker

 Is much as I cant stand extreme motocross or endurocross Rob shows me there are some perks sometimes, this is Erin Bates the face of Supercross and I am told she prettier than the camera shows

 dana burkhart2

 Dana’s copilot steps out for a crumpets and tea

 dee jay

Dee Jay takes 2nd in motocross, way to go

 justine biber

 Ok I only post this pic because I was wondering if Mr. Bieber would like to ditch this quasi feminine look and have Rob Baker, Sean Rhodes, and Brock Campbell take him out camping for a weekend and maybe teach him some manly things

duck dynasty More Duck Dynasty spotting as Si hangs out with little big town

jeremy coiner

Jeremy Coiner states he has affinity to children and no those are not crocodile tears on this child

emily winters2

 My moto girl Emily Winters finds this nice waterfall in the great state of Oregon

erin kane

Erin and John Kane hanging out at the Endurocross, John very serious on the pre race festivities

emily winters

Emily on work break


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