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June 5, 2013


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bill craigBill Craig  here conquering  the banana belt state of Idaho in the Idaho qualifier this weekend

steve minniear2

 Steve Minniear gets a nice photo of downtown Forest City California, kind of rustic but it still beat Stockton

 tyler sumrall

 My nephew Ty drew this in one of his classes on Monday, I give him a A for originality

 steve minniear

 Steve also hanging out at Mills Peak lookout, kind of cool

 biran rails

 My old pal Bryan Rails from Northern Nevada So Cal gets a nice prize for being a roadie, why there isn’t a motor and dirt involved I’m not sure but I do expect better next time

 claudia vallery

 Claudia’s boy and his pup, great combo

 miguel anaya

 My dual sport buddy Miguel Anaya’s pet bear hanging out at his vacation home

 sean rhodes

 Sean Rhodes was Bill Craig’s side kick riding again at this years Idaho qualifier, the bikes are in what is called parc ferme. They cannot be touched by anyone until they leave the starting line the next day, yes my friends qualifiers are cool we need more qualifiers

 bryan rails

 Bryan again showing it’s easy to fix a flat on a two inch tire

 duck dyansty

 For all you Duck Dynasty fans out there, I have Jessica on Instagram so enjoy

 lea allison

 Lea Allison enjoying a birthday meal at work, any hospital celebration meal comes with tons of bad for you and sweet food.

 michelle chandler

Michelle Chandlers forty….. I mean 31st pre birthday meal, see lots of sweet stuff for everyone, actually this was a Costco cake from Crystal “right” in which we grazed on for three days

 crystal richter

Crystal’s oldest little one  Taylor’s birthday, nice wheels

emily wintersEmily my moto gal for Oregon gets her house key and a free vacuum cleaner in the back what a deal

 sheila elworthy

 Sheila Elworthy “far right” and her moto girls out on a dual sport adventure, I’m very jealous I had to work

 erin kane

 Erin Kane’s Chekov list, it’s almost out of hand Erin but still entertaining

 jeremy coiner

 Jeremy Coiner packs up the box van and head to the Hollister 6 hour over the weekend

 jane conrad

malcolm stewartThis photo taken by Pro Motocrosser Malcolm Stewart I found it very funny and one of the captions was “Looks like her airbag has just gone off” nice Malcolm

 debbra Geohegan

 Debra Geoghegan’s little boy has just graduated, he’s a man now mom he needs a key to the house now and Ferrari.

 elizabeth gabriel

Elizabeth Gabriel in her words ” riding in the dirty delta with her love” now that is true love and that’s Stockton for you

lawrence borgensLawrence Borgens out on a buggy ride with a paintball gun nothing new carry on

 michelle chandler2

 Tom foolery at the Chandler house

 laura coiner

 I know when I was in high school every boy wanted his parents to do this for him, lets just say Laura and Charlie love their kids….. a lot

 kraig traum

 Kraig Traum needs a job, he promises not to interview with this due but he want’s a job

 Brian Garrahan

 The Garrahan van, no candy or ice cream in this van just moto, tires and tools

 rob baker

 Rob Baker gives thanks to his boy Ty for bringing it in at the 6 hours of Hollister, the Baker Boys took first


I just have one thing to say CampbellBrosRacing LLC, Locktight!!!!!!!!

stacey paulson

Stacy Paulsen had a bidding war on these items, bids from $1.00 to $3.00 but need $5.00 cash back for gas to sending over three homeless people to pick it up for just a sandwich and Pabst beer, unknown who won maybe Stacy will tell us

dana burkhart

 My So Cal moto gal Dana Burkhard and her pup, no that is not blood it’s Ketchup because poor pup got skunked. He didn’t mean too mom

 biran garrahan

 Unlike some of us who live in the mountains or foothills where we have trees and trees everywhere, Brian Garrahan has tires, tires as far as the eye can see

 terry rynders

Terry Rynders and her new profile pic and photobomb, love a good photobomb


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