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May 22, 2013


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brad jones“Bad” Brad Jones on a little bike ride with cousin

 ty sumrall

 My nephew Tyler and friends at Hangtown a few days ago, these are nothing but a good bunch of trouble making boys. I think they watched the whole race and said thank you and yes sir about a thousand time.

 adam carpentia

 Adam Carpineta “picked” this photo of these two young boys being chauffeured back to the D36 head quarters at Hangtown

 tim sumrall4

 One of my favorite pics of the weekend, here Courtney Duncan makes a pass on Jessica Patterson at the 1st round of the WMX at Hangtown. Why is this my favorite, Ms. Patterson for years called Ashley Foliek thee time WMX champion who happens to be hearing impared “Deaf” when describing her. Ashley was the only other racer that could beat Jessica in a fair race. Well now there is a new lady in town and her name is Courtney and maybe she can call Jessica “slow”

 tracey baker

 Tracey Baker gets a nice photo of her boy Jake “from state farms” on the line at Hangtown amature day

 adam carpentia2

 Adams boy getting some wrap time with James Stewart

 brianna goodno2

 Brianna and crew heading to Hangtown, your always happy at Hangtown

 tim sumrall3

 My pic of our favorite color commentator Jeff Emig, the Fro still looks like he could strap on boots and helmet and compete with the best of them.

 brian garahan

 Brian Garrahan and his massive slab of prime rib

 tim sumrall

 Darlene my lovely wife outlasted all the C riders in the Vintage MX class this week. One did not show the other crashed and burned, it’s not how you start it’ how you finish that counts

 brianna goodno

 Brianna hanging out with an ostrich or the ostrich is photobombing Brianna and her fiend

 Brock campbell3

Right off the gate Calums seat comes off, how did this happen. This is a Husqvarna and they make their seats so one has easy access. Now I was an eye witness to the pretty girl named Sophia that took off the seat prior to Calum riding to the start line. I guess that pretty little racer put a spell of confusion on Calum hence this happening

 tami sumrall2

 My sis in law Tami (on the left) looking a tat frustrated at this point

tim sumrall2Another good photo I took this weekend, this of Brianna Goodno doing a huckabuck now I can almost guarantee you Brianna does not even remember this since most racers are focused on going forward as fast as they can

 sheila elworthy

 Nice photo from Sheila Elworthy and her two boys Kale and Bert father and son on amature day

 brock campbell

 Brock Campbell’s photo of his baby Lochlan (on the left) and big daddy Rob Baker at the 49er Family Enduro last week. These two boys had to make sure the rest of the club was doing their job, somebody has to do it

 sean rhodes

 Sean Rhodes and his vintage masterpiece, this bike was a rocket

 coachdra kisling

 CoachDre Kisling gives us this nice photo of a lighhouse

 brock campbell2

 Brock gets a photo of Darlene (right) and I (left) getting ready to start the 49er Fam Enduro, it had been 6 month since I rode a bike.

 tami sumrall

Tami and her new chauffeur

 rob baker

 Rob Baker behind the gate watching his boys Ty and Jake ready to start their race

micheal hansonSt. Micheal Hanson doing Gods work in Mexico

 brock campbell4

 Brock getting a great shot of his baby Lochlan in perfect form

 elizabeth lampman2

 Elizabeth Lampman hanging out with Ken Roczen adn Marvin Musquin team KTM

 robert sinex

 Robert Sinex about ready to take a sip of what else coffee

laura coiner4

Laura Coiner says good by to our favorite race team

brock campbell5

Calum Campbell getting ready to do a class presentation on proper bike setup before a race and that included making sure the seat is firmly tight and the choke is off before you get ready to start your race

 dennie conrad

 If Dennie Conrad is not on a bike then where else would he and lady Jane be

jason fox

Jason Fox and his never ending way of trying to get his Lexus into a race car

laura coiner3

Laura and her boys Charlie (left) and Jeremy (right)

lawrence borgens

Lawrence Borgens out testing a stun gun, want protection then this is who you talk to

laura coiner

The Coiners plus a Goodno out on the town

elizabeth lampman

Elizabeth at the track

greg bates

Greg Bates hanging with fellow Minnesotan Ryan Dungey probably swapping race secrets

kirsten vega

Kirsten Vega’s flower child

laura coiner2

Nice photo from Laura of all our young D36 racers that raced the Hangtown track on amature day, I believe it’s Ty, Calum, Jeremy, Jake, Sophia or Bianca Brett and Dante

ingrid nash

Ingrid Nash and her son hanging out in a sweet place

jone kane

First John Kane buys his son a Mustang then he lets him hang with these ladies, life is good if your a Kane


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