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May 15, 2013


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tami sumrallMy sis and nephew chillin out on mothers day

 allison williams

 Allison almost there, hey your curling iron is too close to the sink. Warning Will Robinson electrocution

sheila elworthySheila and Bert go for a nice Mothers day dual sport ride

 coach drekisling

 CoachDra and her pup enjoy Mothers day on the beach

 sean rhodes

 Sean in the jury dead pool waiting to be selected but he was denied. Here he snaps a photo of an officer and maybe court clerk waiting for Judge Lance Ito to get his robe on.

 cameron dhien

 My man Cameron the baddest man in Nevada kills his first rattler of the year, baby ones are very dangerous and a bottle of ginger ale always helps give one that hand eye coordination crucial to killing snakes

 robert sinex

 Robert hanging out with some friends in South Lake Tahoe

 dennie conrad

 Dennie get a pic of his Jane on Mothers day, I hear she killed it on Sunday

 rob baker

 Rob Baker snaps a shot of Jake” hopefully not while driving” passed out after working the 49er Family enduro. I know from good intel that Jake and a few other boys were sent to the “Hill” to help with bottleneck control. Looks like he got his fill.

 dustin soldano

 Dustin gets a great shot of his boy Ryan doing some wheelies and log crossing, this kid is slowly becoming wicked fast

 nicole holland2

 Nicole Holland’s newest pet, peter the Potato bug; if your freaked out like I am just keep scrolling down

 dennie conrad2

 Dennie Conrad lets no one tell him what he can or cannot photograph and no he did not ask when he took this photo

 jana van os

Jana finally finds a chair that fits Chris “left hand” This chair was originally made for the Paul Bunyan statue located off hwy 101 in Klamath California below is the full scale of Paul Bunyan

HIGHWAY CALIFLets just say Chris is a big man

 nicle holland

 Nicole Hollands pup wanting food, awwww

 michelle chandler

 Our resident 2.5 girl and boy family Chandler pose for another one

lea allisonLea Allison’s girl all smiles

 lawrence borgens

 Now this take some attachments maybe it was the flashy lights or the orange in the sign but Lawrence gets food at the Original A&W in Lodi. Last time I ate her was about 6-7 years ago at work, coworkers and me all ordered out but I only purchased a milkshake. My coworkers ordered food and everyone got sick. Ever since I avoid it like Legioella in a drippy air conditioner. I believe Lawrence came out of this ok.

 kraig traum

 Sometimes it’s good to be the District 36 steward and if your Billy Goodno “right” it’s good to know Kraig Traum “left”

kirsten vegaKirsten’s youngest Bday and that’s always a happy day for any little one

 julie grandy

 Julie Grandy gets a nice Mint Julep after a hard day workout

 laura coiner

Laura gets the Coiner pup waiting patiently for the prom to be over

cystal richterCrystal gets what could be photo of the year of poor Taylor stuck in a pale while on the phone with Grandma, don’t laugh be honest how many times has this happen to you


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