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May 8, 2013


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adam carpinetiFriend Adam Carpineta catches this hot grass fire near his house. It’s to bad Bob and Doug McKenzie weren’t on hand they could have put that fire out in one stream

 Ty Baker

 Ty Baker says “Damn you rain” as we get hit with some moisture this week

 ty sumrall

 My nephew Tyler Sumrall at Moonrocks over the weekend, I was not invited boo hoo

 beeca arteaga

 Co Worker Becca Arteaga grabs a shot of her guy in downtown bankrupt Stockton, nothing to loot the creditors took it all

brad jones My Lodi and moto friend bad Brad Jones poses with his birthday girl and Tunes the party cat that likes to drive

 sean rhodes

 My moto friend Sean Rhodes one of the luckiest men alive as his oldest gets motivated and washes all the bikes including her friends YZ after the Fools Gold Enduro hosted by CERA MC. I still have to wash the obnoxious weeds off my bike before I can ride the 49er Family Enduro this week

 tami sumrall

My youngest nephew Bryce has invented a new vehicle, how it works not sure put I’m sure there is a rhyme for the reason why in made it.

brianna goodnoMoto girl Brianna Goodno’s pups hoping that she take them with her to the Fools Gold last Sunday

 racer x

 Racer X gets a nice shot of Bambam and Mills at Vegas on Saturday

 bryan lowney

Fellow RUTSter and all around good guy Bryan Lowney installs a Cummings in his MotorHaul over the weekend

 dave wright

Dave Wright loads up for the Family Off Road Adventure  ride over the weekend in Yosemite, will expect him at the RUTS North High Sierra this August

 rob baker

Moto friend Rob Baker gives us a flashback of his first scooter,elbows up race face it’s just in the DNA.

 allison williams

Co Worker and mama to be Allison Williams out on the town

 vickie francis

 Friend Vickie Francis posing with the polar bears in Alaska, they’er not dead just posing with Vickie that’s what she said anyways

 dennie contad

 Moto friend Dennie Conrad gets a family movie night photo

 hannah ryders

 My Lodi connection Hannah Rynders gets a rare photo of her Dad and mom, bottom right is the boss of the whole organization

 brian garrahan

 For sale slightly used rear tire, used only once at the Virginia City Grand Prix, only has 4.5 hours contact Brian Garrahan for more info

 jana van os

 The Van Os dilemma

 john severin

 So Cal friend John Severin tears down his Husky to prep for the Bar 10 dual sport ride, photos to come he promised me

 cameron dhein

Dual sport friend Cameron Dhein does some exploring in the Black Rock desert over the weekend, this is a hot spring, no dead bodies in it so must be soakable

kirstne vegaPotty time at the Vega house

 laura coiner

 Photo by Laura Coiner my moto girl photo queen of the two brain trust for the Fools Gold this year Kraig on the Left and Bill driving. They’er probably going over next years ride at this junction, masterminds work like that

 emily winters

 Oregonian and fast moto girl Emily Winters goes on a mini vaca on the coast, nice Oregon sunset

 laura coiner2

 Laura gets this pic of the three jugnasties, don’t ask me what that means and I’m sure I have it all wrong. These boys talked all night got up Sunday morning raced 100 miles and demanded more things to do. Ah youth

 john kane

 My Lodi and moto friend John Kane gets a photo of his son JD’s first car, I should say something here………………………………………….  should have gotten a orange one.

 matt bylund

 Santa Cruz and moto friend Matt Bylund terrorizes frank rains in his money pit

 michelle chandler

 CoWorker Michelle Chandler and her Posse

 larry langley

Dual Sport friend Larry Langley and his Maggie doing some fishing over the weekend

 migual anaya

 Enduro and dual sport buddy Miguel Anaya gets a nice photo of the Leap of Faith trail at the Fools Gold over the weekend, very fun trail

 lawrence borgens

 Lawrence Borgens and boys heading out to make the Yosemite Dual Sport for the Family off Road Adventure happen this year, missed it again but I vow I will do this ride

 migual anaya2

Miguel snaps a photo of 1st rider out at the Fools Gold

 tami sumrall2

 My sis N law receives McFlowers from her boys last weekend, McDonalds has everything

 migual anaya4

 Miguel shoots his photo of our fast ladies of cross country doing some cross over riding honing their technical skills at this years Fools Gold

nicole hollandBishop friend Nicole Holland and her washing machine cat

 rob baker2

 Rob Baker’s pic on Monday morning, not what you expect in May


 The price you pay when your a hard core rider like Miguel


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