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May 1, 2013


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adam carpentiaAdam Carpineta my fellow racer heads out in his newer motorhome to Virginia City

 tracy baker

Tracy Baker gets a shot of the Fabulous Baker Boys just before the start of the Virginia City Grand Prix. All three riders won their classes which caused the Virginia City city council to ponder changing the city’s name to Baker City Nevada

 anson maloney2

 Anson Maloney my fast friend with a broken wrist poses with Joey Fiasconaro on the grid, Anson’s body guard on the extream left in tow making sure he breaks no more bones

 tami sumrall2

 Tami Sumrall my sister in law finds this nice message on route to LA, when she scanned the bar code is said spare only one square

 brian garrahan2

 Brian Garrahan had this photo shot of all the D36 gang as they stole all the silver in Nevada

 Cassidy Ornellas

Cassidy Ornellas fast lady from my neck of the woods takes this photo of  my fellow racers and friends Sheila and Burt Elworthy riders 212,211, CoachDre Kisling 219 and Shannon Toline 213 off the start at the VCGP

 sean rhodes

 Back up ride for my friend Sean Rhodes just in case both his vintage and KTM did not come together. Sean said he’s a very reliable ride but uses too much fuel, uncotrollable roosting of tress and takes mandatory dirt breaks

 dennie conrad

 Dennie Conrad fellow rider gets a shot of his Jane sporting moto socks and a smile at the range this week

 nicole holland

 Nicole Holland friend from Bishop has a cat that is a basket case

 jane conrad

Jane gets a photo of Dennie and the kids down for a nap

 matt bylund

 Matt Bylund my friend from Santa Cruz area taking his money pit out for a spin at Frank Rains park

 laura coiner

 Laura Coiner gets a nice photo of the churches in Virginia City, the Catholic church on the right rings it’s bells every day, very cool to hear

 lori soligan

 My coworker Lori Soligan takes a shot of more fellow coworkers, on the left is Crystal Richter and her kids Bailey and Holley, Michelle Chandler on the right has her Cameron in hand and Michelle Foletta in the back has her new girl shaded since the town of Stockton is bankrupt it can no longer afford city shade. The middle child is Crystal’s Taylor. Michelle on the right use to have a girl named Bailey but as you can see she has chosen to be a Richter

 laura coiner4

Laura gets a shot of words of encouragement to one of  the riders

 adam carpintea

 Adam gets a photo of Brian Garrahan’s handy work to his rear tire after the VCGP

tim sumrallThe St. Teresa of Avila in Bodega the town, little sight seeing on my 16 year trip

 becca arteaga

 Becca Arteaga and Claudia Vallery my two coworkers doing some Shenanigans as Becca would say

 sean rhodes2

 Sean last Thursday before VCGP, no panicking here

 brian garrahan3

 Brian Score 2nd overall, he has won the C race overall way back when on a CR 125 so this has to be top notch

 robert sinex

 My fellow dual sport rider Robert Sinex out for a spin at GTown over the weekend

 Cheyanne Sanford

 Cheyanne Sanford another fast lady gets Anson and Anson #2 aka my neighbor Steven Godman riding Anson’s number, Steven took 11th overall.

 matt bylund2

 Matt found that Frank Rains named a hill in honor of him

 emily winters

 My Oregon race girl Emily Winter gets a shot of race life in Virginia City. Ride up to the Saloon and eat a meal

 madeline winters

Quote from my other moto girl from Oregon

 john fraancis

My old moto friend and hiker John Francis finds hidden falls, state of California now calls it Francis falls

 anson maloney

 Anson got his stitches out but his wrist still looks tweaked

 tim sumrall2

 Spud Harbor in Bodega Bay, overcast most of the weekend

 brian garrahan

 Brian gets his new instructors helmet so everyone in his moto classes can take him seriously, little bit of Ed Grimley going on here


 Ed Grimley

tami sumrall

 Tami on her way to So Cal as you can see this is a very safe way to drive and take photos. The person in the middle was a hitchhiker they picked up at Crows Landing wanted for wearing cowboy boots without owning a cow, true law in Blythe California

 brock campbell

 My blood brother Brock Campbell gets a pic of his son Calum and a host of Polka Dots riders

 robert sinex2

 This just in Robert new diet eating grass, he says it works he’s lost some poundage, if he starts drinking pond water I think it will be time for an intervention

 claudia vallery

 Claudia and Becca sipping a mint Julep waiting for their plane to nowhere

michelle chandlerMichelle gets a nice photo of these fine port a potties at the Asparagus Festival. With Stockton bankrupt and all they will recycle the green pee for next years St. Patrick’s day

 emily winters2

 Emily after the grand prix, just a tat dirty but happy

 madeline winters2

 Madeline gets a photo of her first class of the day, the teacher here really holding the students attention as she takes roll call ” Bueller, Bueller, Farris Bueller”

 kraig traum

 District Stewart and cool guy with a Yorkie Kraig Traum

lochlan campbellLochlan Campbell was bound and determined to ride this weekend

laura coiner3 Laura gets a shot of the D36 gang sipping Mint Juleps in plastic cups at the Bucket of Blook

 laura coiner5

 Nice shot from Laura getting Bert Elworthy leading on his 84 Honda XR 350 over all those new modern bikes behind him

 laura coiner2

 Final shot of the blog, all my race friends ready for the VCGP, the bike on the right KTM #408 has my race seat


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