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April 24, 2013


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adam pontiousMy good dual sport friend Adam Pontious catches this pig giving rides in the Bahamas

 tim sumrall

 Hanging out at Tomi’s in Sutter Creek on Monday for lunch

 anson maloney

AA racer friend Anson Maloney gives us a look at his tweaked wrist and they cut his jersey too 😦

 sheila elworthy

Sheila Elworthy my fellow photo girl and racer gets a great shot of Godmen’s two, Steven (#14) and dad Nick , father and son that jump together stay as a family together

 claudia vallery

My coworker Claudia Vallery’s boy gets into his first fender bender, no one was hurt

 max parker

Fellow racer Max Parker prepping his bike for this weeks Virginia City Grand Prix. Better put a pipe guard on that shiny thing

elizabeth gabrialMy favorite RN and fellow coworker Elizabeth Gabriel sits on the beach in Hawaii while the rest of us suffer

 laura coiner

 Laura Coiner another photo gal and racer gets great shot of Gwen Campbell at the Shasta Dam GP, Brianna Goodno right behind her. Gwen looking stylish here and I chalk it up to her seat, I traded her my race seat for her dual sport seat so you can say part of my bike raced Shasta Dam

 jeremy coiner

 Junior racer Jeremy Coiner has both his weapons of choice out and dad’s as well to be cleaned

adam pontious2 Adam out walking the white beach

 ty baker

Fast guy Ty Baker gets a pic of his Virginia City # this year, 142 not a bad number I was instructed by Jake Baker that the first 10 rows were populated with pro or AA rider so that means the Baker boys have to pass 30 B and C riders and then start there assault on passing any and every AA rider they see. It can and will be done!!!!

 brad jones

My Lodi friend Brad Jones with his fire in the back yard singing

” And I have to say it now
It’s been a good life all in all
It’s really fine
To have a chance to hang around
And lie there by the fire
And watch the evening tire
While all my friends and my old lady
Sit and pass the pipe around”

sheila elworthy3

 Sheila getting a great shot of Tyler Ducray at last weekends Sperle’s fund raiser

 claudia vallery2

 Claudia’s boy driving his brother around, not looking at the road, spare tire in shambles I see nothing good about this

 michelle foletta

My coworker Michelle Foletta’s new friend sitting on our grungy stained report table at work

 jake baker

 Jake Baker looking his best at the Shasta Dam GP

 laura coiner2

 Laura snapping off this shot of her pup giving comfort to her daughter, that’s what pups do best

 kirsten vega

 My Favorite RN and I have a few mind you, Kirsten Vega’s girls after a popsicle

 al finch

My boy Al Finch District 36 Youth Stewart is tough but fair as he makes these boys load their bikes in the truck

 ty sumrall

 My nephew Ty Sumrall doing some laps around Mammoth bar, I think he knows every corner of that track

 brian anderson

 My good fried Brian Anderson goes for a nice long hike and cant take a crap due to the Sequestration. Those lazy park ranger refuse to hose down the toilets and put a $0.99 roll of paper what has our government come to, lazy, lazy.

 shiela elworthy2

 Sheila gets a shot of Eric “the Wizard DuCray”, I call him the wizard because he’s a wizard with suspension and has no need for social media tools like FB. All you have to do is click your heels three times saying Nor Cal KTM and he appears solving all my KTM problems

 Dave wright

 Fellow racer Dave Write goes crazy with the grinder and cuts out this killer shelf in his race van, what a man goes through for his sport

 sean rhodes

 Fellow racer and great humanitarian Sean Rhodes now has a 16 year old shofer, I had one for about 2 months while my arthritis was bad, it was nice. The great thing is once this one leaves the roost he has another one to take her place, lucky man

 jeff jones

 My Cousin Jeff from Louisiana saves this baby duck, to be shot and ate in another few years. Jeff is the man making the Duck Dynasty boys look like little girls with fake beards

 laura coiner3

 Laura makes this collage of photos showing how important a pit board is

 kirsten vega2

 Great photo from Kirsten of her daughter eating a delicious apple


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