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April 17, 2013


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 rob baker

Rob Baker found this magical building at the Shasta Dam GP, I wonder what’s behind the door?

 brianna goodno2

 Brianna and friends just hanging out at the mouth of the Sacramento River

 michell chandler2

 Michelle Chandler’s boy too cool for school, I guess that’s why he’s not in school

 crystal richter

 Crystal and one of her many many children, I think her name is Holy

 laura coiner6

 No Gwen is not hungover, just pondering thoughts before she suites up for racing

 debera Geoghegan

 Debra Geoghegan found this in her sons gear Tuesday,did it come from Shasta Dam or landed from Pluto

 laura coiner3

 Laura Coiner gets a great shot of the gang, see what you non moto folks are missing. Great people that would stop on the track roost dirt at you then pure you a nice cold one when the day was over (from left, Sean , Kyliegh, few others, Sheila, Brianna, Shannon all great people)

 jeremy coiner

 Jeremey Coiner (back center) and the gang of crazy Baker boys and Campbell Indians head home from a long weekend of racing

 kirsten vega

 Kirsten’s girl smiling as always

 brian garrahan

 Brian Garrahan takes some time from moto for some California goodness

 ryan soldano

 Ryan Soldano here getting encouragement while waiting for one of his two flats to be fixed, this boy rode with more heart than the average pro motocrosser. Two flats, injured elbow and still managed 3rd in class.

 brianna goodno3

 Brainna heading to the start

 michell foletta

Michelle Foletta and her new specs

 Dave wright

 Dave Wright taking some fancy shots here of his boy at this weekends GP

 madeline winters

 Madeline Winters loves her Tang

 dustin soldano

 Dustin Soldano doing some work it poses before the start of the race, he didn’t know he would be in the dirt fixing flat tires all day

 laura coiner4

 Laura gets a great shot of  Shannon’s awesome looking puppy, I want

 john severin

John Severin my So Cal brother on a Husky stands in line for the DMV, this is 0800 in the AM

 laura coiner

 Laura’s nice pic of  team Geoghegan, this is what D36 racing is about

 brianna goodno

 Brianna Goodno doing sweep and traffic duty at last weeks Old Crow hare scrambles, tough job and ok points but somebody has to do it

 sheila elworthy

 Sheila Elworthy gets Anson Maloney at a good point in the race

 cornelliu inisecue

 My boy Corneliu Ionescu and his little girl ready to take the keys and paint the town

 nicole holland

 Nicole Holland’s kitty feeling better, trying on slippers and eating popcorn

 dave wright2

 Another trick shot by Dave

 michell chandler

 Michelle’s Bailey still hunting eggs???

 elizabeth lampman

 Elizabeth Lampman gets Anson at his worst, broken wrist. He’s ok and should be back on the bike in two month, the bright side since I could not attend this year GP my neighbor Steven here on the right assisted Anson making the Volcano connections very important

laura coiner5One of Laura’s favorite photos of her boy Jeremy talking to my dad the District 36 Chaplin

 john severin2

 John on the Children’s brain tumor fund raiding dual sport in So Cal over the weekend, no dust and fog can’t get better conditions

 laura coiner2

 Laura gets this shot of snake oil salesman Lochlan Campbell trying to show how easy this toy is. No one but Kale (on the right) could do it. Good news the two other boys fell for it and bought three cases each


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