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April 10, 2013


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jeremy coinerWith a flat tire during the Race Jeremy does the only thing a rider can do at this point, have fun and entertain the crowd

 ty sumrall

 Ty does some Mammoth moto last week

 kirsten vega

 I guess working out is part of the Vega DNA

 Tim Sumrall

 RUTS North out at full force at the Old Crow HS over the weekend

 michelle chandler

 Bailey gets a treat, I’m sure that one napkin will keep the car clean

 sean rhodes

 Sean proud of his girls overall this weekends rides her pack to the Rhodes racing compound

 jeremy coiner2

 Laura gets a shot of her boy at the pre race prayer, racers priorities are important

 tim sumrall2

Couple different conversations going on in this pic, Cal probably going over the start and how will this bike that is older than he is react during the race. Kale scratching his head wonder if this is such a good idea, and I’m hoping Cal spanks everyone and shows this little RM is a hot bike. Kale was right, unproven bike failed Cal.

 kirsten vega2

 Kirsten gets a nice photo of her girl, and I bet she wants something

 sean rhodes2

 When the Rhodes clan and the Carpineta clan meet on the Sunday even the pup gets into the action

 rob baker

 Rob doing triple duty at last weeks old crow, making sure his boys stay safe, sweep and protect fellow riders on the track and keep  his fellow club members going in the right direction. It’s a tough job being a man of many talents

 katherine jessup

 Katherine’s boy looses a tooth

 tim sumrall3

 The Campbell boys discussing the race, Loch shows first but knows he finished 2nd. In the end Loch is showed to finish second

 kirsten vega3

More Vega happiness

 sheila elworthy

 Sheila gets’s a nice pic of the Carnegie sign, great place to race

 robert sinex

 Robert does his first mud event of the year, sporting his fake tattoo and all


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