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April 3, 2013


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 adam carpentia

Adam finishing up a fun day with the bikes

 sean rhodes

 Sean enjoying a relaxing day with the family

 cindy weatherman

 Cindy wins big at the casino’s love those Benjamin’s

 robin hogerman

 Robin and Tiare heading down the canyon in Death Valley

 claudia vallery4

 Claudia getting ready for US inspection to make sure she is USDA Prime Choice

 michelle chandler

 Bailey and her brother or Bailey has become a ventriloquist but I’m pretty sure this is not a Vegas act and this is Cameron in the flesh

 dennie conrad2

 Dennie scores a hole in one, top senior on Nor Cal I hear

 laura coiner

 The Coiner pup being forced to enjoy Easter, I hope she earned a fat juicy bone for this pose

 erin kane

Two of  Erin’s loved prizes

 andrew short

 Andrew Short and daughter for a nice pose this week

 steve matchett

 Steve Matchett world champion F1 Mechanic and one of the smartest techno guys has no clue what the top one is for and I don’t either

 claudia vallery

Claudia gets a snack attack

 lawrence borgens

Lawrence and Ben checking out the Prez’s crib

deena smallDeena does some reading on Good Friday

 robin hogerman2

 Robin and Tiare at Tea Kettle Junction

 dennie conrad3

 Question is who is the alpha dog in this house

 michelle faletta

 Michelle Foletta and her too cool for school socks

 happy b day2

It was Lawrences birthday this week

 becca arteaga

 Becca finds some hidden treasures in her locker, don’t mind the ketchup medical personal have sick humor

 steve minniear

 Steve’s princess

 claudia vallery2

 What a shocker, Claudia eating Mexican food in Mexico

 robin hogerman3

 Robin and Tiare reach 8133 feet, one of the lower parts of Death Valley, one can ride to 11K elevation and ride to 289 feet below sea level with in an hours time in Death Valley. If you have never been it’s worth a visit but do it in the winter

 deena small2

 Marvin and Deena take a photo with their son the wabbit

 mike richard

 We now have to carry a small label making machine with us at work, Mike gets a shot of Soy choosing to use his purse to carry the MobiLab around all shift

 emily winters

 Emily being reminded it’s still spring in Oregon, be patient it will be in the 90’s soon enough

 lynn gullion

 Lynn celebrates Easter in style

 happy d day

 Brianna also has a birthday this week

 brianna goodno

 Brianna’s quote of the week

 robin hogerman4

 Robin finds a friend

 claudia vallery3

 One of the Vellery Boys gets some good eats

 robert sinex

 Robert out testing cars, although he liked the Lambo it did feel cramped

 dennie canrad

 A blahh day at the Conrad house

matt bylund

Matt picks up some homemade jelly for his breakfast toast

emily winters2

Off to the races with Emily

jeremy coiner

Jeremy and friends out by the tracks I guess that’s better than down by the river in a van, nice pit bikes


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