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March 26, 2013


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bill craigLittle vintage Bill Craig at the Virginia City Grand Prix

 lori Soligan

 Lori’s girl becoming a soccer star

 dustin soldano

Dustin’s boy getting in some practice for the Old Cow, lots of down hills at the Old Crow HS

 laura coiner2

 Laura gets a nice photo of this homemade radiator shroud at the Phantom HS, everyone put their blessings on it so I’m sure it survived

 jim piatt

 Jim all ready for the Cross Cut Family enduro except for his gps and laptop where do you put that on

 brian garrahan

Brian delivers enough bikes for his school

 lynn gullion

 Donut time for the Gullions

 emily winters

 Emily off to the races in her self contained Aztec and KTM

 lawrence borgens

 Lawrence gets a shot of the freedom tower in New York City

 john severin

 John takes a nice 800 plus mile weekend ride, this is his only photo he took. Need more photos John or it never happened

 claudia vallery

 The Vallery’s at the local DMV I thnk

 nicole holland

Nicole Hollands shepherd warming her bed up


 Justin Bieber looking  and being stupid

 lawrence borgens2

 Lawrence gets a nice shot of the New York skyline

 kirsten vega

 The Vega ladies out for the count

 dennie conrad

 Slave driver Dennie has Jane making a new garden, they’er growing herbs supposably

 ty sumrall

 Sumrall boys of Foresthill out doing some bike maintenance

 jake baker

 Jake out getting in some moto over the weekend

 lawrence borgens3

 Lawrence getting ready to hitch a ride from some locals

 laura coiner

 Laura throws this question to us How many bikes can you fit in the Factory Coiner trailer???


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