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March 20, 2013


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allison williamsAllison our sweet mama

 ryan soldano

 Dustin gets a shot of his boy breaking out for his first win of the year

 brianna goodno3

 Brianna shows it’s nice to have power at your fingertips as she out drags Rhodes off the start

 kirsten vega

 Kirsten doing her best to become the next Super Girl

 dennie conrad

 Dennie says you must play the ball where it lands

 becca arteaga

Becca’s quote of the week

 ty baker

 Injury for Ty Baker, keep the boy in your prayers for a quick healing, he gets his super powers from the color orange and 2 stroke fumes so no riding makes a sad Baker

 calum campbell

 Becoming known as the brat pack of the D36 youth generation, these are same really fast kids

 lawrence borgens

 Lawrence views Boston harbor

 emily winters

 Emily in a spirited game of Jenga

 brianna goodno

 Brianna and Kyliegh at the start of the Phantom, they look sweet until you get passed by one of them

 lawrence borgens2

 Lawrence and Ben at time square

 crystal richter

 Crystal gets her Easter photo, everyone but the rabbit seams to be having fun

 john severin

 John ready to roll with his trusty pup Tiki and a tank of gas

 brianna goodno2

 Just before the start of the Phantom Daddy Goodno gives race pointers to his girl

 madeline winters

 Madeline’s quote of the week

 debbie worley

 Debbie charging in Oregon

 katherine jessup

 Katherine gets a nice shot of Soy, a well fed RT is a happy RT


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