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March 13, 2013


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alison williamsAllison’s big jalapeno and I bet you she ate it without any hesitation

 lawrence borgens

 Lawrence getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane

 brianna goodno

Brianna gets a shot of party time at the Goodno’s, what no Ice cream

 john severine

 John “O Show” Severin back in the days of his pro BMX career

 claudia vallery3

Claudia’s boy is a two chip kind of guy

 amber fox

 Amber pointing out how cold it’s been, cant wait for that 80 plus weather

 scott burnett

 Scott gets a shot of hail in So Cal over the weekend

 brianna goodno2

Brianna doing her best Ed Grimley impersonation


 Ed Grimley

 kelly knipe

 Kelly making us all jealous watching the Daytona SX live

 elizabeth lampman

Elizabeth and Doug out getting in some enduro moto at GTown over the weekend, dirt looks good

 becca arteaga

Becca in love with looks to be a fake Carrot Top surrounded by two kids with baggy pants

 sean rhodes

 Sean shaves his head for charity at the St. Baldricks foundation, help kids with cancer get a fighting chance and donate ST.BALDRICKS

 claudia vallery

 Claudia and Becca find a heart in Vegas

 kirsten vega

Kirstens Diva demanding to be drove around, next stop the park and then finish the day off with ice cream and a nap

 jeremy coiner

Jeremy in good form at MMX over the weekend

 brian garrahan

 Brian Closes the day with another Garrahan moto class, want to be the best learn from the best

 sheila elworthy

 Sheila gets a nice photo of the snow covered trees

 claudia vallery2

 Becca trying to figure out how to get this in Claudia’s car, who couldn’t use a big strong heart

 laura coiner

 Calum and Jeremy off riding, Calum being American Indian always wears shorts hot or cold able to adapt to anything while Jeremy white Cowboy wears his jeans and coat being prepared for anything. Pretty much these two could walk through a nuclear holocaust and be fine

 john francis

 I could be wrong but I think this is John’s new airplane


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