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March 6, 2013


Filed under: people, RANDOM, YOUR PHOTOS — photostaken @ 08:00


adam carpinentaAdams week not starting off too well but regardless that is one impressive blowout

 ty sumrall

 Ty and his magical bike shop, that photo in the background is my Brother at Virginia City GP back in the 1990’s

 brianna goodno2

 Brianna getting her bike all washed but from E Street, later the family made a sandcastle out of the washed off sand

 madeline winters

 This is how madeline kills spider, unorthodox but is quite effective

 emily winters

 Emily’s new stock boy at work

 bill craig

 Bill hosted a GOT event at his ranch, here Max goes through the rock trail. I’ve done this section a few times myself and can never get it right

 ty sumrall2

 Ty putting in the laps at Prairie City

 brianna goodno3

Brianna’s guard dog ready for action

 rob baker

 Rob gets a photo of his boy cleaning out the trailer after E Street, Leaf blower blew out more sand and garbage than you can shake a stick at

 emily winters2

 Emily gets a flat, not a great week for our tires

 brian garrahan

 Brian and all his school kids at the Craig’s Ranch, I think if Sean (second from the left first row) new Bert (on the extreme left) drove for fat tire amber ail Bert would have a new best friend

 vickie francis

 Vickie catches John passed out and it’s only 10 minute into the Batchler

 claudia vallery

 Claudia slave driving her son

 sean rhodes

Quote of the week by Sean

 kirsten vega

Kirsten and Elizabeth bowling, nothing good can come of this I’m sure

 brianna goodno

 Biranna jumping the cars at E Street, if you look to the right you might can see one of the hobo’s in the front seat awaken from all the noise no less

 tami sumall

 Tami’s dog beyond spoiled

 elizabeth lampman

 Elizabeth Lampman shoots this pic of one of those crazy yard sale ladies, seven cats followed her to and from the Lampman house

 lynn gullion

 lynn’s cat demanding food


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